My plan is to never have a plan. Like, earlier, when I saw that pastrami in the fridge, I didn't plan on eating it at all. I just did.
Dicky to Nicky, Ricky, Dawn and Mae

A Space Quadyssey is the twenty-first episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on July 22, 2017 to an audience of 1.41 million viewers.[1]


Ricky gets accepted into a junior space astronaut training program, but only if his siblings join him.[2]


Ricky is recording a video to submit for a chance to be considered for the space program. During the video, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn keep interrupting and messing up. Ricky uses that to argue why he needs "space" from his fellow quadruplets.

To Ricky's disappointment, the head of the Space Program, Lonny Tusk says that he will only let Ricky go if the entire quad goes with him. He argues that Ricky's video gave him the idea to send quadruplets in to space. So, he invites all the Harper Quads to the space station. Since Mae is staying at the Harper's, she comes along with Tom and Anne to see the quads off.

The Harper Quads are excited to go to space but they're disappointed when Lonny Tusk tells them that they have to qualify first. There's another set of quads fighting for the chance as well. The Kramden Quads. The Harper's get angry that the Kramdens are determined to take everything away from them. Lonny Tusk tells both sets of quads that they will go through a series of tests and whichever team wins the most, will get to go to space. The tests are also supposed to help them prepare for emergencies in space. He gives each team a set of space jumpsuits. The Kramdens get cool nicknames while the Harper's are given numbers.

The first challenge requires putting off a flame while dizzy. Lonny Tusk asks the quads to rotate until they're dizzy and then try putting out a flame. They keep falling and spilling the water as they approach the flame. Dicky says he has an idea but Ricky objects it as dumb before comes up with an idea to drink water and spit it at the flame but Ricky objects it as dumb. Dicky finally says they should drink the water and spit at the flame. Dawn and Nicky agree and it works. Lonny Tusk tells the Harper's they've lost to the Kramdens. If they listened to Dicky the first time, they would have put out the flame before the Kramdens. Lonny Tusk emphasizes on the need for Ricky and the quads to think outside the box.

For the second challenge, Lonny Tusk shows the quads a bunch of items including toilet paper, whistle, a beam among others. He tells them that they have to get to the target spot without their feet touching the beam. The first team to arrive at the spot wins the challenge. Ricky tells his siblings he knows exactly how to make use of each item. He makes them wrap toilet papers around their waists as diapers. They sit on the beam and struggle to move in unison while trying to make use of all the items provided. They laugh at the Kramdens because the Kramdens are still standing at the starting place. The Kramdens are staring at the Harper's. They say that the instructor never said they had to use any of those items. So, what are the Harper's doing? The Kramden Quads walk to the ending point and win the challenge without using any of the items. They win the challenge and laugh at the Harper's.

After losing the second challenge to the Kramdens, Ricky gets so frustrated for being forced to think outside the box. He unleashes a bunch of bees. The quads run to hide from the bees and accidentally enter a space simulation chamber. They mistake it for a real rocket. They accidentally activates the simulation, making them believe that the rocket has been launched into space. The quads freak out and try to contact the crew outside but they accidentally tamper with the signals.

Meanwhile, back at home, Mae impresses Anne and Tom for being so responsible. They're surprised that she does laundry, washes dishes and cleans the house without being asked to. Mae explains that she's doing it because her parents have always taught her to be responsible. At that point, Tom and Anne realize they're not good parents because they've never taught their kids that way. They conclude that the quads are not ready for space because they're not responsible enough. So, Anne, Tom and Mae go back to the space station to stop the quads from leaving.

At the station, Mae, Anne and Tom find Lonny Tusk trying to find a way to communicate to the quads in the space simulator. They continue working hard to get the communication line working. After trying for a long time, they finally get the communication back on and inform the quads that they're not in space. It's just a space simulator. Lonny Tusk tells the Harper's how to turn off the simulation. Before Ricky turns off the simulator, Dawn reminds him that he's always wanted to go to space. And this is the closest thing they've ever got to space. They should just enjoy the moment for a little while. The quads agree.

Just when the Harper's are getting comfortable enjoying the space simulator, the Kramdens show up on the window with their classic "Hello Harper's!" This causes Dicky to accidentally pull the switch, turning off the simulation. The Harper Quads fall on the floor of the simulator.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Amahri Richard as Xander
  • Shannon Mckain as Epstein
  • Londale Theus Jr as Lonny Tuck


  • Dicky mentions Dawn moving out to her own room in "Dawn Moves Out" about two years ago.
  • The Harper Quads complain about the Kramden Quads stealing their commercial in Odd Quad Out and stealing the #Quad-goals hashtag in QUADGOALS.
  • Dicky’s love of dance music and ’oonsing’ is seen in this episode.


  • The training facility is the same building as the Secret Academy of Superpower Studies (SASS) from The Thundermans mentioning how both shows are in the same universe.
  • When the Harper Quads accidentally entered a Space Simulator, they thought they got sent out to the actual space.
  • This episode is connected to other episodes with the Kramden Quads.
  • Dicky recalls Dawn moving out their bedroom.
  • Londale Theus played a character with a similar name.
  • Quadyssey is play on the word odyssey.
  • The Name ‘A Space Quadessy’ May be a reference to the song ‘Space Oddity’.


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