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Boulder Academy is a high school in Boulderly Hills. This is where the Harper Quads go to school after destroying their new high school, Rothschild Prep. The school's mascot was a wolverine named "Big Boy."


In Dude, Where's My School?, the Harper Quads join Boulder Academy after destroying their old school. Their friends - Mae, Miles, Avery and Dooley are reluctant about joining another school because they loved Rothschild Prep and had already made a lot of friends. After joining Boulder Academy, Mae and their friends are welcomed by Sadie and Kipper who soon become their friends. Sadie leads a moment of silence to honor their dead school mascot, a wolverine named "Big Boy." The Harper quads make their "epic" entrance during that moment, making a very bad impression at the new school.

In Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & BeyDawnce, the quads say that they already started to love Boulder Academy. The boys are doing a human behavior experiment. Dawn is now a member of the Boulder Academy Soccer team like she was at Edgewood School. Dawn ask Mack that she wants to join the Boulder Academy Glee Club but she's scared at first. With the help of her brothers' human behavior experiment, Dawn gets the confidence to audition to join the glee club. The Glee Club's captain is Brooklyn.


Known Members



  • Ms. Tassinari
  • Mr. Wigglesworth