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Brianna is a recurring character on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. She is a student at Edgewood School and a friend of Dawn, Natlee, Mae and Avery. Brianna is portrayed by Molly Jackson.


Brianna is sweet and polite and easily gets along with her friends.


Brianna is introduced in A Brief Case of Popularity as one of the cool staircase kids.

In Quad With a Blog, Brianna is among the quads' friends who bail on Get Sporty cafe for a rival cafe.

In Quadpendence Day, Brianna is one of the whistlers during the school recital. When Dawn gets her ears pierced, Brianna reveals that she was faking having her ears pierced but was instead using magnets. She says that her parents would get mad if she pierced her ears. So, she agrees to get her ears secretly pierced by Mae. She goes to shop for earrings with Dawn, Natlee, Avery and Mae. Unfortunately, like the rest of the girls, her ears swell from infections due to unsanitary piercing.

Episode Appearances


  • She often wears a baseball cap/hat facing backwards.