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Britt is a recurring character on the Nickelodeon television series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He is an exchange student from Australia who comes to live with the Harpers. He replaces Dicky in three episodes of the last season.

Britt is portrayed by Jonah Hwang.


Britt is optimistic and full of positive energy which makes him hopeful that the quads' schemes will succeed even when they're bound to fail. At some point in "Quadcodile Dundee," Britt's positivity gets on Dawn's nerves.


In Quadcodile Dundee, the quads introduce Britt to their friends, Mae, Miles, Avery, Lilly, Mack and Dooley. Britt throws a boomerang, and the quads are amazed. They try it, but they destroy part of Get Sporty. Tom and Anne are mad because Isaiah Thomas is going be at Tom's Get Sporty signing shoes, and they wanted the store to look nice. They punish the quads by telling them they have to stand in line and pay for their shoes like everybody else. Britt is actually excited because it is gonna be his first American experience. In the line, Gladys arrives selling hot tots, but Tom and Anne tell the quads that they do not have enough money for both hot tots and the shoes. Before the quads leave to get some more money at their house, they tell Britt to save their spot in line. Then, Gladys comes back, and gives another bag of hot tots to Britt, and Gladys tells Britt to not tell anybody.

In House Crushing for Dummies, it is revealed that he has a special someone named Debra who lives in Australia, and looks exactly like Dawn. However, Nicky and Ricky thought it was Dawn, and told Debra that Britt broke up with her. To fix the break up, they make Dawn look like Debra on a video chat. Britt notices a boxing kangaroo in the background, which is actually Miles in disguise. Britt tells Debra to box him. However, the real Debra from Australia came, which revealed that Dawn was in disguise.

In Quadspiracy Theory, he hangs out with the quads friends without them. The quads started to wonder why. At first, Britt lied about it being Avery's birthday, but Britt later reveals that the party was actually for the quads, despite it really being Avery's birthday. Britt told the quads that it was for letting him into their family, and before that, the quads discovered a list in his backpack, making it sound like he wanted to get rid of the quads. Britt told them that was so Britt could plan the party.

Episode Appearances


  • He is the partner of Dicky.
  • Britt is Australian and his accent is recognized and liked by many people.
  • His last name is unknown.
  • Due to the series ending, he only managed to appear in three episodes.