Looks like we quadded it up again.
Nicky to Ricky, Dicky and Dawn

Cementing the Quads' Legacy is the nineteenth episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on July 8, 2017 to an audience of 1.16 million viewers.[1]


The Quads want to pull off a big stunt so that their class will be remembered by future students, but when they find out that the personal legacy they are leaving behind is not great, they have to fix both before it is too late.[2]


The Edgewood School Class of 2017 is about to graduate and the Harper Quads are in the class committee led by Natlee in charge of planning the Sayonara Stunt. The Sayonara Stunt is a stunt pulled every year by the outgoing class as a way for the class to be remembered by future students. The biggest stunt so far is the "Butt Bench" pulled several years ago by two students who have never been discovered up to today. It turns out that the two students were Anne and Tom Harper. They pulled the stunt by sitting on a wet cement bench, so that when the bench dried, their butt shapes were left there.

Now the redecoration committee is planning on getting rid of the butt bench as the class of 2017 plans their class stunt. Tom and Anne won't let it happen without a protest. So, while dropping off Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn for their class committee, the parents join the redecoration committee to oppose the removal of the butt bunch.

During the committee meeting, the Harper Quads are surprised that Principal Tarian is calling the shots instead ofNatlee, the chairperson. Other committee members include Mae, Miles, Mack, Molly, Lilly, Avery and Franco among them. Principal Tarian gives Natlee a list of acceptable stunts. The committee agrees to choose a stunt from the list but the Harper Quads disagree, claiming that the list is too lame. They need something bigger, something memorable. After a heated argument, Natlee calms down the class and agrees to let the Harpers decide. She tells the committee that the Harpers are the best at coming up with big stunts. So, Natlee nominates the Harper Quads to form their own super secret committee to decide the stunt for the rest of the class.

The quads go to their own room and feel pretty honored to be chosen to decide the stunt for the entire class. Unfortunately, they can't agree or come up with one good idea. They order Chinese food to help them think better. While the quads are eating the food, their parents join them in the room. Tom and Anne explain that they disagreed with everyone in the school re-decoration committee about removing the butt bench. Then all of a sudden, Principal Tarian agreed to let Tom and Anne decide for the entire committee by sending them into a super secret committee. While telling the story, the Harpers quickly realize that Principal Tarian tricked Tom and Anne so that the rest of the committee can continue planning. This makes the quads realize that Natlee played them too. She did it to get rid of them so that the rest of the class can go on with the stunt without Harper interference.

To confirm whether Natlee tricked them, the quads go back to the room with the rest of the committee. They look through the window and are shocked to see Natlee running the stunt ideas. They try to get into the room but Natlee has locked the door. Mae apologizes to the quads through the window. Natlee pulls down the blinds. The rest of the class yells to the quads to go away.

The quads are forced to accept the difficult truth that the rest of the class doesn't want them around. The only question is why don't their classmates want the quads' ideas? The Harpers stand at the hallway outside the room, waiting for the committee to open the door. However, it doesn't take long before they break into a fight when Dicky says that he can take down a turkey. Dawn doesn't see why Dicky would want to fight a turkey and Ricky is still mad that Dicky is wearing his underwear. While the quads are fighting, the rest of the committee gets out and walks past them.

Back at home, the Quads devise a plan to force Mae into telling them why Natlee and her committee kicked them out. They invite Mae for a "pie" but Mae comes with her boyfriend Miles. Dawn asks Nicky and Dicky to distract Miles while she and Ricky interrogate Mae in the kitchen. After getting Mae alone, Dawn gives her a piece of pie and starts questioning her on why the quads were kicked out of the committee. Mae says she's uncomfortable answering the questions. So, Ricky decides to use Mae's fear of balloons to intimidate her into telling the truth. When Miles hears balloons popping and Mae screaming, he realizes that something is wrong. He runs to check in on Mae. Mae and Miles are compelled to tell the Harpers why they were kicked out of the committee: they always "quad things up."

Quad things up? What's that supposed to mean? The Harper quads wonder. Mae gives them an example of how the quads started fighting in the hallway while waiting for the committee to get out. They always fight and ruin things. That's quadding things up. The quads deny the accusation as preposterous but soon find themselves fighting again. Mae and Miles take the opportunity to sneak out.

Dawn and her brothers realize that the class was right. They do have a bad reputation of "quadding things up." The quads start wondering how they ended up this way. Then Tom and Anne enter the room after kidnapping Principal Tarian's turtle, Shelly but apparently that's not Shelly. It's the wrong turtle. Anne accuses Tom of "tomming things up." It makes sense now why the quads always quad things up. But they can't let this be their reputation. They must fix it or else they will leave a bad quad legacy behind.

The next day, the Harpers attend the committee meeting and beg their classmates to let them rejoin the committee in order to prove themselves. Natlee agrees and invites Franco to unzip it and show everyone the stunt they've settled on. The plan is to sneak into the school after dark and write 2017 on the new wet concrete replacing the butt bench. The class writes a tiny "2017" on the concrete which is almost invisible from far. The Harpers are underwhelmed by the stunt. So, each one of them individually plans to come and fix it without the rest of the quad to avoid ruining the quads' legacy.

Later that night, Dawn sneaks in and writes a big "2017" on the concrete. Ricky and Nicky arrive afterwards just before Dicky falls from the roof. The boys accuse Dawn of coming to fix the stunt alone because she thinks they would quad things up. Dawn blames them for attempting to do the same thing. Needless to say, the quads start fighting on the wet cement, ruining everything. The quads realize that they're running out of time and are likely to get busted by their classmates before fixing the concrete with a new layer of cement. However, it's already too late. The cement dries while they're standing on it, causing them to get stuck.

The rest of the committee arrives and are disappointed to find that the quads ruined everything. Again. Dawn promises to fix things by coming up with a better stunt idea. After re-leveling the concrete with wet cement, the committee stands on top of it forming a "2017" shape. Their shoes get stuck on the cement. During the unveiling of the stunt from the outgoing class, the committee walks out of the concrete, leaving their shoes stuck.

Principal Tarian blames the Harpers for the stunt but the entire committee takes responsibility. Principal Tarian is impressed by the creativity behind the stunt. Natlee explains that they left their shoes forming a "2017" shape on the concrete as a way to tell future students that the class of 2017 left big shoes to fill.


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  • The Harpers and the Edgewood School Class of 2017 graduate in this episode.
  • It is revealed Anne and Tom were the people behind the butt prints in the Butt Bench.
  • The others left the quads out of the Sayonara Stunt, due to them "always quadding things up".
  • It was mentioned in this episode that Mae is afraid of balloons.
  • In this episode they once again list a bunch of old stuff that the quads messed up.
  • This is the first and the only time so far episode that they actually let Franco finish his sentence as opposed to telling him to shut up.
  • This is the first time the butt bench is actually ever seen.
  • Dicky said he could take on a turkey and in the next episode chases a chicken.
  • Dawn is the only one who doesn't say "Time to ____ it up!".
  • When the class is making jokes about the butt bench the only joke they don't laugh at is when Mae says "So you never cracked the case".
  • Dawn has a new hairstyle.
  • This is the last appearance of Edgewood School and of Principal Tarian.
  • This marks the first time since "Scaredy Dance" that we see Ricky Harper starting to wear blue jeans.


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