Dawn and Mack is the romantic/friendship pairing of Dawn Harper and Mack in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.


Season 1

Scaredy Dance

Dawn and Mack attend the Edgewood Halloween dance. Wearing a polka dotted Jack in the Box costume, Dawn appears as a jester whereas Mack is dressed in a cheese head costume. Mack invites her to dance, but Dawn declines because her costume is difficult to move in. They eventually move to the dance floor, and the spotlight is directed on them. The crowd prompts them to dance, but Dawn hides away in her box. Mack becomes upset and assumes she does not want to dance. Resenting her actions, Dawn eventually removes the box and wishes she was more like her eccentric brother, Ricky, considering that he does not concern over what people think of him. Dawn admits to Mack that she personally believes that she is not a good dancer, and she asks him for a second chance to which Mack agrees. Dawn shows of her wacky dances moves, and Mack joins along.

The Secret

During the Circle of Trust, Dawn confesses that she has a crush on Mack. Her brothers tease her for liking him saying, "Dawn loves Mack!" When Dawn and Mack are at their lockers the following day at school, they are met by a group of laughing students. Dawn's focus drifts from her History textbook to the loud laughter that echoes throughout the hallway, and they in unison, they say the very words she dreads to hear: "Dawn loves Mack!" She conceals herself inside locker out of embarrasment, but Mack is confused by the predicament. Dawn blackmails her brothers with a text blast at lunch for telling her secret, and a message of all their secrets is sent to the kids at their school.

Piggy, Piggy, Piggy & Dawn

Tired of her brothers entering the same second place performance year after year for the talent show, Dawn decides to break away and present a puppet performance of Godilocks and the Three Bears, and Mack is her partner.

Similiarities and Differences

  • Dawn has blonde hair, Mack has brown hair.
  • Dawn is a female, Mack is a male.


Scaredy Dance Quotes

Dawn: Oh, hi. . . . Look at you. Mac and cheese.

Mack: Look at you. Jack in box.

Dawn: So, look at us.

Mack: So, you ready for that dance?

The Secret

Dawn: You guys know Mack? I know I said I only like him as a friend, but I think I might actually, sorta like him, like him.


  • Dawn and Mack seem to have a good time whenever they're together, and they are not afraid to get a little crazy.
  • Dawn admits that she likes Mack in The Secret.


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