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{{Quote|Oh, no. This school already has a kid with tiny green pants. There's obvs no room for us!|[[Nicky Harper|Nicky ]] to [[Dawn Harper|Dawn]], [[Mae Valentine|Mae]], [[Dooley]] & [[Avery]]}}
{{Quote|Oh, no. This school already has a kid with tiny green pants. There's obvs no room for us!|[[Nicky Harper|Nicky ]] to [[Dawn Harper|Dawn]], [[Mae Valentine|Mae]], [[Dooley]] & [[Avery]]}}
{{Quote|[[Dicky Harper]]:Jeez, who died? [[Kipper]]:Big Boy did.|[[Dicky Harper]] to everyone; [[Kipper]] to [[Dicky Harper]]}}{{Spacer}}
|season = [[Season 4|4]]
|season = [[Season 4|4]]

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Oh, no. This school already has a kid with tiny green pants. There's obvs no room for us!
Dicky Harper:Jeez, who died? Kipper:Big Boy did.
Dicky Harper to everyone; Kipper to Dicky Harper

Dude, Where's My School? is the first episode in Season 4 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on January 6, 2018 to 1.08 million viewers.[1]


When The Quads destroy their new high school, Rothschild Prep, they must join a new one midsemester; as they try to fit in at the new school, they must keep their friends from discovering they destroyed the old one everyone loved.[2]

Full Plot

It's been three months since the Harper Quads started high school at Rothschild Prep and they absolutely love it. They were scared at first but now they've all finally fit and made new friends. They're working in their gardening class with their friends Mae, Miles, Avery and Dooley, talking about how easy it is and how much they love the school. Their friends walk out of the garden, leaving the quads behind. Dicky tells his siblings that his shovel is stuck under a root. They all happily come together to help him. Has life ever been this good? Nope.

Oops! Spoken too soon! It turns out that the "root" holding the shovel was actually a sewage pipe. The pipe bursts and floods the entire school. Later that night, the quads learn from the news that the entire school has sunk because of the flood. Dawn and her brothers agree to never let their friends find out that they were responsible for destroying the school they loved.

With Rothschild Prep gone, the quads and their friends must transfer to another school, mid semester. They register at Boulder Academy. To make this new school as good as the old school, the quads decide to make a great first impression like they did in their old school. So, they all plan to repeat whatever they did on the first day at Rothschild Prep. Part of that involves Dawn singing an entire song twice during shower. Dicky has to put socks in only foot but can't remember which. Nicky can't get the same shoes he used to fit him because his feet has grown since them. Ricky is nervous that they're going to be late.

Mae, Avery, Miles and Dooley arrive at Boulder Academy before the Harper Quads. They stand at the gate because they had planned to all go in together. While still waiting for the quads, two Boulder Academy students - Sadie and Kipper arrive and introduce themselves to the gang. They quickly connect after a fun conversation about pirates, thanks to Avery pronouncing hair as "haarrr" and Kipper's obsession with pirates. Mae's friends follow Sadie and Kipper inside the school. Mae wants to wait for the quads but Miles reminds her that this is the chance they have of making friends right away. She caves in.

The Harper Quads finally arrive only to find their friends gone. Mae texts Dawn to apologize for bailing on the quads and to let her know that they are in the common area auditorium. The quads take the opportunity to make their big entrance. On stage, Sadie is making the day's announcements after which she leads a moment of silence to honor their dead mascot, Big Boy the Wolverine who had passed away. It's during this moment of silence that the Harper Quads match in through the door, shouting for attention. The quads leave in embarrassment and shame.

Later at Tom's Get Sporty, Anne and Tom advise the quads to join a club to make friends but they don't want to. But then, Mae and her friends arrive, telling the Harpers that they've convinced Sadie and Kipper to let the quads join the Mystery Solvers Club. The quads agree right away. Sadie introduces herself as the president of the Mystery Solvers Club and Kipper, her vice president. They list a bunch of mysteries they've solved in the school to prove to the quads how great the club is. Sadie then assigns the first mystery to solve: The Case of the Sunken School. The quads are worried that if the club investigate the case, they might find out that the quads were responsible for sinking Rothschild Prep.

So, the quads come up with a plan to throw the Mystery Solvers Club off their trail. They come up with a fake suspect board and invite the rest of the club, claiming that they've solved the mystery. During the presentation, they point out to a bunch of different suspects who all lead to nowhere. They then start going through a series of question marks which leads to more question marks. After being confronted by Mae and Sadie for wasting time, the quads conclude that the case is unsolvable and should be dropped. Sadie insists that no case is unsolvable for the Mystery Solvers Club. She tells the club to meet at the scene of the crime at Rothschild Prep.

This puts the quads in a tough spot because they had left their gloves at the garden when the pipe burst. So, they decide to go in early and frame Big Boy the wolverine and also hide their gloves before the club finds them. They steal the wolverine statue from Boulder Academy to make wolverine footprints on the garden. While digging for the gloves, they cause the piper to start spurting water again. Unfortunately, they're running out of time because the rest of the club is quickly approaching. Dawn places a bucket above the pipe and sits on it to hide the pipe. Mae and her friends arrive with Sadie and Kipper only to find the quads acting weird. Dawn sits uncomfortably on a bucket. The quads trick the club to leave the garden by telling them to "keep walking."

Sadie confronts the Harper Quads for the way they've been acting. She concludes that they're covering the truth - to protect their friends. Therefore, she declares that she is going to kick Mae, Miles, Avery and Dooley out of the club; and that they're no longer friends. This makes the quads feel guilty for causing their friends to get in trouble for a crime they didn't commit. So, the quads admit that they sunk the school.

After the confession, Sadie and Kipper reveal that this was all acting to get the quads to confess. There never was a Mystery Solvers Club. They made it up. After seeing how weird the quads were acting, Mae had suspected that the quads are responsible. So, they made the fake club. The quads apologize for causing their friends to lose their favorite school. They ask for a third chance to make a first impression but Sadie tells them that it's too late for that but it's never too late to make a new friend.

While the quads are asking if they've been forgiven, Sadie notices the Big Boy wolverine statue. She confronts them for stealing their mascot statue. During the commotion, a bigger pipe bursts, blowing the boys up through the roof. Dawn, still seated on the bucket, covers herself in embarrassment.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Julie Chang as Reporter


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  • This episode marked the first appearance of Sadie and Skipper.
  • This was the first episode of Season 4.
  • The title is a spoof on the movie Dude, Where's My Car.
  • It is revealed that the quads and they're friends like planting.
  • There is a new reporter for the News channel.
  • Anne changed her hairstyle.
  • The song that begins when a new scene appears, changed to the NRDD theme song just with more side music.
  • Dooley is taller than he was in Season 3.
  • Ricky is shown to be getting annoyed with Dicky.
  • Dicky has a new haircut.
  • The mascot of Boulder Academy was revealed to be "Big Boy".
  • Kipper and Sadie are shown to have a crush on each other.
  • Ricky for some reason had a rude attitude in this episode.
  • This episode may lead into a love triangle between Kipper, Sadie, and Dooley.
  • Dooley was revealed to like Sadie.
  • Big Boy is based off of Harambe.
  • Dicky had named a potato in his pocket "Channing Tatum".