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|resides = USA
|resides = USA
|occupation = Student
|occupation = Student
|eye color = Brown
|eye color = Blue
|hair color = Brown
|hair color = Brown
|family = [[Lilly]] (sister)
|family = [[Lilly]] (sister)

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Ugh! Odd? I'm not odd. I'm odd-acious!
— Eiffel to Lilly

Eiffel is a recurring character on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. She is a popular ballet dancer and the teen star of the reality show, "Life of Eiffel." She is portrayed by Maddie Ziegler.


Eiffel is the older sister of Lilly. She is a very talented ballet dancer and a teen star popular for her toilet paper commercials as the "Toilet Paper Princess" as well as her reality show, "Life of Eiffel." She stars on Life of Eiffel alongside her sister Lilly.

In Ballet and the Beasts, Dawn Harper joined Eiffel's ballet class in an attempt to stay away from her brothers. She admired Eiffel's skills and wanted to become better at ballet. But her brothers found a way to ruin it for her. They got involved with ballet and Eiffel liked their performance. So, when Dawn finally convinced her brothers to butt out of her ballet class, Eiffel didn't want to see them go. She threatened to kick Dawn and Mae out of the class if the boys weren't in it anymore. Luckily, the Harper quads found a way to compromise with Eiffel by introducing other boys to take their places in the ballet class.

In Keeping Up With the Quadashians, the Harper Quads are watching Eiffel and Lilly on their reality show, Life of Eiffel. Dawn admits that she loves Eiffel after seeing her on TV, even though she didn't like her as much back at the ballet class. During the Life of Eiffel episode, Eiffel is complaining to Lilly for refusing to invite her to the family game night. Lilly claims that Eiffel would make it odd because she's odd, but Eiffel insists that she's not odd, she's odd-acious (audacious, pun). Eiffel is proud of her toilet paper commercials, that made her the popular toilet paper princess. She later works with Lilly to turn the tables (literally) against a masseure during massage. She keeps turning tables during the reality show whenever she gets upset.

She and her sister inspire the Harper Quads to start their own reality show, "Hanging with the Harpers."


Eiffel is very talented in acting and dancing. She is proud and very confident in herself despite people calling her "toilet paper princess." She is determined to make everything she works on a success, as she doesn't let Dawn get rid of the boys who were very important to her dance class.

Physical Appearance

Eiffel has long brown wavy hair. She has blue eyes and tan skin

Episode Appearances


  • Eiffel's sister, Lilly is portrayed by Maddie's real-life sister, Mackenzie Ziegler.
  • She is very talented at ballet.
  • She starred in toilet paper commercials.
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