Glad you saw our #squadgoals picture. We hashtagged it #kramdenyourface... We're already at 50 knocks on our FaceShack door.

FaceShack is a social media network on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It's similar to twitter and facebook. FaceShack supports posting, sharing and liking posts, images and videos

Faceshack squadgoals

#squadgoals #kramdenyourface


  • In Harpers for President, the Harper Quads post embarrassing videos against each other on FaceShack in order to win the class president election.
  • In I Want My Mae B. Back, Dawn stalks Miles' FaceShack profile and finds a girl called Millie. She then tracks Millie down to confront her, suspecting that Miles is ditching Mae for her.
  • In QUADGOALS, the Harper Quads are competing with the Kramden Quads over which quad should use the #quadgoals hashtag on their squadgoals pictures.
  • In Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & BeyDawnce, the Boulder Academy AV club takes Dawn's embarrassing Glee Club audition video and makes a mashup of it making it look like Dawn was talking to dolphins by squeaking.
  • In It's a Hard Knocks Life, Ricky starts posting things that happened to his siblings as if they happened to him, just to get FaceShack knocks. Dawn, Nicky and Dicky team up with Mae to take Ricky down by creating a fake FaceShack account called Boco Yolo, which becomes more popular than Ricky's FaceShack door.
  • In The Harper Quad-Jobbers, the quads post ads on FaceShack to promote their Harper Quad-Jobbers business.
If you didn't post it, did it really happen?
— Ricky


  • FaceShack is a parody of facebook.
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