Get Sporty-er! is the third episode of the series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on September 27, 2014 to an audience of 1.54 million viewers.


The boys like a new girl at school, but Dawn's suspicious of her. Meanwhile, Tom's old ice-dancing adversary plans to open a rival sporting-goods store, but the kids aren't going to stand by and let this happen.


A new girl, Tess befriends the quads and turns out to be too nice to them. Dawn becomes suspicious that Tess is up to something because no one can genuinely like her brothers. Any of Dawn's attempts to prove that Tess is up to no good but Tess makes it difficult because she's too sweet to her and the quads. Tess even offers to do a commercial for Tom's Get Sporty. The quads agree to do the commercial which Tess films.

Later, the Harpers see a commercial on TV where the quads praise Tess's dad's "Get Sporty-er" store and trash their dad's "Get Sporty" store. Apparently Tess edited the commercial she filmed and made it sound as if the quads were saying untrue things about Get Sporty. Dawn is happy that she was right all along about Tess. Tom and Anne are mad because Tess' parents are their old ice-dancing rivals.

When the quads confront Tess about the commercial, Tess lies that it was her dad who edited the commercial and she genuinely wanted to help the quads. Dawn pretends to accept Tess's excuse but instead goes undercover to figure out what they're up to and help sabotage Get Sporty-er.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Aubrey K. Miller as Tess
  • Andrew Bowen as Rod Dynamite
  • Mircea Monroe as Tiffany Dynamite
  • unknown as President Barack Obama



  • Near the end of the episode, Rod's family starts getting very hot but everyone else seems to be normal.


  • The Dynamites hired a look-alike President Barack Obama for the opening of their shop.
  • This is the first appearance of Josie Cooper.
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