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And as that GF's BFF, I need to find that BF A-S-A-P and teach that D-O-G some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
— Dawn Harper

I Want My Mae B. Back is the twelfth episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on April 29, 2017, to an audience of 1.70 million viewers.


Dawn becomes jealous when Mae starts spending time with Miles, so she enlists the help of her brothers to separate them.[1]


Dawn and Mae are hanging out in Dawn's room while Nicky, Ricky and Dicky are playing video games loudly downstairs. Mae isn't paying enough attention to Dawn because she's preoccupied, thinking about her boyfriend, Miles. Unable to win Mae's attention, Dawn goes downstairs to fight with her brothers and force them to let her play with them. After ruining their game, she admits that she misses hanging out with Mae but doesn't want to separate her and Miles.

The boys - eager to get rid of Dawn advise her to keep Miles and Mae apart. However, it backfires on them when Dawn forces them to help her keep Miles away from Mae - or else she will spend every time with the boys. The Harper Quads agree on a plan. The next day, the quads find Mae and Miles hanging out. Dawn pushes Miles away and takes his seat. The boys pull Miles to themselves. Dawn pushes Mae to switch socks with her while the boys try to convince Miles that hanging with Mae every day is a bad idea since Mae will get tired of him.

They convince Miles that even though Mae loves fries, she's sick of them and is probably planning on switching to onion rings. As part of the plan, Dawn comes over and orders fries for Mae. Mae shouts that she doesn't want fries (since she didn't order them). Miles gets paranoid and comes over to tell Mae that they can't hang out. He notices Dawn wearing Mae's socks and says they're cute. Mae gets mad because Miles doesn't want to hang out with her and didn't say he liked the socks when Mae was wearing them.

While Dawn is happy that she's got Mae to herself, Mae is sad for losing Miles. Dawn feels bad about it and tries to fix things. After going to her brothers, they tell her that Miles is with Millie. Dawn mistakes Millie for a girl when in reality Millie is the name of Miles' dad's simulated helicopter. After seeing Dawn's reaction, the boys suspect that she might be thinking that Millie is a girl but they don't bother to tell her the truth.

Dawn goes through Miles' social media pages to look for any girls named Millie. She finds one girl named Millie and looks her up. She tracks Millie down and interrogates her into being "friends" with Miles. Millie tells Dawn that she is only friends with Miles because his mom is her dentist. Dawn and Millie conclude that Miles took off with some other Millie and Millie encourages Dawn to go confront Miles. Dawn goes to confront Miles. He finds her brothers waiting outside and tells them they need to get Miles to break up with Millie. The boys insist that Miles loves Millie and they love her too. Dawn gets confused and freaks out, while waiting up for Miles. Miles reveals that it was Dawn's brothers who convinced him to stay away from Mae so that they can hang together and play with Millie. Dawn is shocked to hear that her brothers love Millie even more than Miles does. Miles points Dawn where they are. Dawn finally realizes that Millie is just a flight simulator. She tries to get in to confront her brothers but they try to stop her by activating a flight simulation, which makes it very difficult for her to get inside. She is disappointed that the boys would do that just because of a flight simulator but the boys invite her to try it. Dawn loves it and agrees that it was totally worth it. But Mae and Mile overhear them and get in to confront the quads.

The boys quickly settle their difference by just saying "dude!" which surprises Mae how easy it is for them. She apologizes to Mae for trying to keep her to herself and Mae apologizes too for spending too much time with Miles instead of Dawn. Mae is happy because Dawn was doing it just so she could have her to herself. The girls take control of the helicopter while the boys struggle to get inside.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Stephanie Cood as Millie
  • Clara Lukasiak as Jill
  • Deep Rai as Langer
  • Ethan Wilde as Bill



  • This is the second episode with a "Mae B." in the title. The first one was "Three Men and a Mae B.."
  • The episode title is a reference to the song from 1991 "I Want My Baby Back" by David Bowie.
  • This is the second time Mae and Dawn have a falling out.
  • Langer is confirmed as Lucy’s replacement.
  • This is a continuation on Keeping Up With the Quadashians where Mae slowly develops a crush on Miles.
  • After this episode, Millie is never seen again.
  • In this episode it is shown Nicky, Ricky, and Dicky like to play video games.


Ricky: What Nicky is trying to say is, why can't you do that? Nobody enjoys being a third wheel!
Dawn: You're right! I think it's time to get rid of that third wheel.
Dicky: Aren't you the third wheel?
Dawn: No! It's Miles! Miles is the third wheel! And you guys are going to help me get rid of him.
Ricky: Um... why would we do that?
Dawn:Because if you don't, your little quad squadron is going to get a fourth wheel.
The boys: No!
Dawn:Then it looks like Operation Everybody Loses A Wheel is a on!
— Third Wheel
Nicky: I don't know, guys. It feels wrong, keeping Mae and Miles apart just because we want to play in his dad's flight simulator?
Ricky: Well, when you say it like that it makes us sounds horrible.
Dicky: Then let's not say it like that anymore.
Nicky & Ricky : Roger that!