Joey Montagelli was Dawn’s ex-boyfriend in a Season 3 episode. He is portrayed by Ricardo Hurtado.

Character History

In Not-So-Sweet Charity, Joey and Dawn start dating behind their parents' back though both their parents' hate each other. Dawn's brother's Nicky, Ricky, and Dicky accidentally tell the girls they like that Joey is dating Dawn. Nicky, Ricky, and Dicky didn't know that they were dating but in order to date the girls they thought that they would have to make up so they wouldn't be interested in Joey. Joey finds out that they know and Joey ends up being grounded and tells Dawn that they can't date anymore. The three then come to Joey's store to make Dawn happy again. Dawn then comes in and the quads get into a argument. Dawn says that she would rather be a Montagelli. The pair of three try to make it up to Joey and Dawn by singing. Joey tries to get Dawn to like them again and it works. Their parents both come in and witness them together and they ask if they are dating. They say yes and Dicky tells them to end their stupid feud. They do and Joey and Dawn stay together.


  • Joey only appears in one episode.
  • Dawn cheats on Joey (maybe) in the next episode.
  • Dawn and Joey must've broken up because they are never seen together after the episode.
  • Joey is portrayed by Ricardo Hurtado who has the main role on fellow Nickelodeon show School of Rock.
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