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* Hayden Crawford as [[Dooley]]
* Hayden Crawford as [[Dooley]]
* Theodore Barnes as [[Miles]]
* Theodore Barnes as [[Miles]]
* Amahri Richard as [[Xander]]

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Keeping Up with the Quadashians is the third episode of Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on January 21, 2017.


After binge-watching their favorite reality show, the quads decide to start their own reality show, "Hanging With The Harpers". [1]


The Harper Quads are watching a reality show called "Life of Eiffel" starring Eiffel and her sister Lilly. Dawn says she didn't like Eiffel as much when she did ballet class together with her in "Ballet and the Beasts" but now that she's a TV star, she loves her! In the show, Eiffel is complaining that Lilly didn't invite her to the game night. Lilly says Eiffel would make it odd because she's odd. As the drama escalates, the quads start cheering and shouting until Anne and Tom enter the room to see if the kids are ok. The quads explain that they're just watching Life of Eiffel and Dawn even does an impression of Eiffel. The parents urge the quads to stop watching too much TV. They don't need to watch other people's lives. Their lives are interesting too.

This gives Dawn an idea. Their lives are interesting too. In fact, they are quadruplets. Everyone would love to see a show about them. The quads agree with her to film their own reality show, Hanging with the Harpers so that they can get famous too. To get the right equipment for the show, they call in Dooley. After spending too much time praising himself, Dooley tells the quads that he's got cameras set up ready in the house, personal microphones and a "safe zone" for the quads to share their views.

The filming begins and the quads get started. However, starting drama to make the show more interesting proves too difficult. Luckily, Mae's birthday is coming up and the quads see it as an opportunity to cause some drama. Dawn tries to infuence Mae by asking her to cut the number of attendees to her party. But Mae isn't comfortable cutting anyone out. Dawn keeps raising the bar but Mae proves too difficult to convince. Realizing that the quads can't convince Mae to cut out some people, there's only one thing they can do: vote one of themselves out. Ricky loves the idea of voting one of them out and is confident that they will vote Nicky out after trying to influence Dawn and Dicky. Things don't work out for Ricky. He gets voted out of Mae's birthday party instead of Nicky.

Ricky gets mad and Dicky and Dawn for voting against him despite his attempt to influence them to vote Nicky out. In fact, he decides to quit Hanging with the Harpers and starts his own show. He makes himself the only star of the show. Dawn, Nicky and Dicky arrive at Mae's party and use it as an opportunity to shoot more of their show. Ricky arrives too and says that since he's not part of Hanging with the Harpers, he doesn't have to respect their vote against him. He tries to take a shot with Mae for his Ricky show. Things get out of control.

After ruining Mae's party and watching the entire show, the quads agree that they went too far to cause drama. They agree to do away with the show and ask Dooley to delete the videos recorded.


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  • The title of this episode is a pun on a popular reality tv show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, though there reality tv show is called Hanging With The Harpers.
  • It is revealed that Eiffel has a sister named Lilly whereas Eiffel and Lilly's portrayers (Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler) are real life sisters
  • This is Eiffel's second appearance and Lilly's second appearance, but they appeared in different episodes. Eiffel appeared in "Ballet and the Beasts" and Lilly appeared in "Unhappy Campers"
  • This the second episode to feature a birthday party. The first being "The Quadfather"
  • It is revealed that Mae's birthday is January 21st, just 11 days after the Harpers birthday.


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