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Kipper is a recurring character on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He is a student at Boulder Academy and is friends with Sadie.

He is portrayed by Miles Elliot.


Like Sadie, Kipper is very active and involved in a lot of school activities. Everyone suspects that they obviously love each other but both lack the courage to admit it.


Season 4

Dude, Where's My School?

Kipper is introduced in Dude, Where's My School?. He and Sadie welcome new students from Rothschild Prep to Boulder Academy. They quickly become friends with Mae, Miles, Dooley and Avery while showing them around. Kipper stands next to Sadie as she leads a moment of silence to honor their fallen mascot, "Big Boy."

After suspecting that the Harper Quads are responsible for sinking Rothschild Academy, Kipper and Sadie help come up with a scheme to get the quads confess.

Episode Appearances


  • He loves pirates.