Life of Eiffel is a fictional reality TV show within a show on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It revolves around the teen star Eiffel and her younger sister, Lilly.

Life of Eiffel is one of Harper Quads's favorite shows. It is first seen on the episode, Keeping Up With the Quadashians.

Although the quads and their parents are show to adore the show, it obviously contains poor acting and useless arguments. They dismiss that though, since they’re amazed that “she’s on TV”.

Known Scenes

In one episode, Lilly refuses to invite Eiffel to a family game night, claiming that Eiffel makes it odd. Eiffel says they can play two against three but Lilly says that she makes it odd because she is odd. Eiffel claims that she's not odd. She's odd-acious (audacious). So, Eiffel brags about being toilet paper princess and decides to throw her own game night without Lilly.

In another episode, both Eiffel and Lilly band together against the massage lady for making fun of Eiffel's Snow Wipe toilet paper commercials. So, they flip the tables on the massage lady.

Recurring Gags

  • Flipping tables on every episode.
  • Making fun of Eiffel for being the toilet paper princess


  • The Harper Quads knew both Eiffel and Lilly before they got the reality show.
  • The show inspires the quads to start their own show, Hanging with the Harpers.
  • Dawn notes that when she was in ballet class with Eiffel (Ballet and the Beasts) she disliked her, but now that she was on TV, she loved her.
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