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Miles is a recurring character on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He is a friend of the Harper quads and currently Mae Valentine's boyfriend. Miles is portrayed by Theodore Barnes.


In Keeping Up With the Quadashians, Miles is one of the invites to Mae's birthday party. When Dawn tries to cut Miles out just to create drama for Hanging with the Harpers, Mae refuses to cut Miles out. During the party, Mae says she doesn't like it but when Miles says the party is great, Mae says she likes it too. In Ye Olde Hand Holde, Miles takes Mae on a date to the Renaissance Fair along with the Harper Quads and their dates.

Miles and Mae start spending too much time together that Dawn gets jealous of losing Mae. In I Want My Mae B. Back, Dawn goes to great deal to keep Miles away from Mae. She asks her brothers to keep Miles busy while she and Mae hang out. Miles gets convinced by the quads that Mae is getting sick of spending too much time with him. He thanks them for trying to help him and spending time with him. He takes them to his dad's "Millie" helicopter simulator. When Dawn overhears that Miles has taken off with Millie, she assumes that Miles is cheating on Mae with a girl named Millie. Dawn tries to fix them especially to help Mae because Mae was miserable without Miles. Miles later explains the truth to Dawn after everything has already gotten out of control. Mae promises to spend less time with Miles so she can spare time for Dawn.

Episode Appearances


  • His dad is a pilot and his mom is a dentist.
  • He was one of the three new characters, that joined in Season 3.
  • He is currently dating Mae Valentine.
  • Orange is his favorite color.