When do you think we should tell our parents about us?
— Joey to Dawn

Not-So-Sweet Charity is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on May 20, 2017, to an audience of 1.54 million viewers.


Dawn almost has a big secret revealed when the boys try to impress some girls by putting on a talent show for charity.[1]


The Harpers freak out when the Montagellis get in Tom's Get Sporty. The Montagellis and the Harper families have had a feud for years. But now here they are, bringing a package that the mailman accidentally left at their mailbox. The mailman also left a package for the Montagellis at Tom's Get Sporty. Both families destroy each other's packages and reemphasize their mutual hatred. One of the Montagellis is a teenage boy named Joey. Dawn helps kick him out and he leaves saying that a Montagelli would never be seen with a Harper.

Cut to a scene to Dawn and Joey in the dark alley behind Get Sporty confessing their love for each other. Joey asks why they can't tell anyone about their relationship and Dawn reminds him of their family feud. Later on, when Mae sees Dawn giggling after receiving a text message, she figures out that it must be from a boy. Dawn reveals to Mae about her secret relationship with Joey and why she can't let anyone else find out - not only because of their family feud but because he's older than her. Mae agrees to keep it a secret.

Dawn and Mae ask Dawn's brothers to help in going door to door raising money for "Charity." Charity is an injured goose that lives in the alley behind Get Sporty. The boys are too lazy and don't want to help. However, when Dawn brings in other girls to help with the Charity, the boys decide to help so that they can get a chance to hang with the girls. The girls are Faith, Hope and... Susan.

The boys start running through ideas of how they can raise money for Charity but Susan shuts them all down. This leads them to the idea of hosting a Charity event at Get Sporty. Now all they need is someone to perform at the event. The Harpers and Mae hold an audition. Various people including Dooley & Natlee and Miles audition but none of them is impressive enough. Mae suggests asking Joey to perform but Dawn shuts the idea down because she doesn't want her secret to be exposed. However, the boys find Joey playing guitar in the alley and realize that he's really good. They ask him to come and play despite their family feud because it's the only way to impress Faith, Hope and Susan.

Unfortunately, Joey impresses the girls so much that the Harper boys get insecure of losing the girls to him. So, Dicky lies to the girls that Joey is already taken by Dawn. This quickly gets to the Montagellis and Joey gets grounded for dating a Harper. When Joey tells Dawn about it, she concludes that Mae betrayed her trust since she's the only person who knew about it. Mae denies it and asks Dawn to ask Faith, Hope and Susan who told them. It turns out it was her brothers. When the boys return, Dawn hits Nicky's face with the pie that Mae was eating. She confronts the boys for lying about her. In the boys' defense, Ricky argues that the lie turned out to be true. Dawn gets mad and asks them to never butt in her business again.

Ricky, Dicky and Nicky agree to go behind Dawn's back and settle things with Joey to get him to perform at the Charity. As a disguise, they stand on each other inside a long coat, making it look as if it's one tall person. After finding their way to the Montagellis, the boys reveal themselves to him and apologize for exposing their secret. Just about then, Dawn arrives also dressed in a similar long coat, standing on Mae and Natlee, to make her look like a very tall person. The boys quickly figure out that it's Dawn. And Dawn quickly figures out that the other "tall person" is Nicky, Ricky and Dicky. So the "tall" people start fighting each other until they all fall down.

Dawn gets so mad at the boys that she decides to live with the Montagellis and refuses to go back home. The boys get worried about her. They enlist Dooley, Natlee and Miles to help get Dawn back. After finding Dawn and Joey in the alley, the boys start singing for Dawn and how much they love her. However, their singing is so terrible and embarrassing that it makes Dawn laugh. They also add that they're going to post the embarrassing video online. Joey wonders if they would really do that for Charity but the boys say they'd do it for their sister, Dawn.

Dawn is touched by their sweet gesture and agrees to come home. She and Joey decide to date openly regardless of the baseless family feud.

Together they watch as Charity tries to fly. Unfortunately, Charity gets attacked and eaten by an eagle.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Abigail Haley as Faith
  • Zoe Rachel Klein as Hope
  • Raquel Justice as Susan
  • Amahri Richard as Xander
  • Eric Gutierrez as Dave Montagelli

Special Guest Cast


  • In every season so far, it is seen that Dicky doesn't care if eating certain food or drinking certain drinks effects him he still keeps eating or drinking whatever it is as seen in this episode.


  • Ricardo Hurtado from School of Rock guest starred.[2]
    • Ricardo Hurtado is the third School of Rock star to appear after Breanna Yde and Tony Cavalero
  • Ricardo Hurtado (Joey) sings Cold Water by Justin Bieber and Major Lazer in this episode.
  • Dawn and Joey had a secret relationship.
  • This is the second time any kind of talent show is shown on NRDD.
  • This story is a reference to Romeo and Juliet
  • The Harpers and Montagellis end their feud because of the children.
  • Ricardo Huetardo's role as Joey is similar to his role on School of Rock as Freddy.
  • When Nicky is "on top" of Ricky and Dicky it is actually a digital effect. On Aidan's YouTube page on the behind the scenes it shows that Ricky and Dicky were actually sitting on chairs out of the scenes and we're saying their lines from the chairs.
  • Hereby it is unknown who or what is carrying Nicky.
  • Nicky sings terribly in this episode but in real life he is actually able to sing in a perfect tone, plays guitar and he also knows how to play piano.


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