Is it? Is this what being a quad has come to? Sniffing beards and being called the girl quad?

The Copy Cats is the second episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on January 14, 2017 to 1.84 million viewers.


The Harpers went to the grocery store and the quads were pretending that the bananas were phones and did knock knock jokes. Then there were other quadruplets that did the same thing the Harper quads did. Everything that the Harpers did was the same thing that the other quads did. When the quads went in the van there was a similar van and the other quads made faces at them which made them very angry. When they were at home the quads told their parents about what they saw at the grocery store. They got their computer and show their parents the quads that copied them. They were British Quadruplets called the Kramdens. And there show was a complete ripoff called Harry, Larry, Jerry and Eve. Nicky's rival was Harry. Ricky's rival was Larry. Dicky's rival was Jerry. Dawn's rival was Eve. Tom's rival was Carl Anne's rival was Rose. And Squishy Paw's rival was Fluffy Paws, a snobbish Corgi. The Kramden quads was at the Harper's window which made the quads mad. When the sofa tilted and made the Harpers fall the Kramdens copied the same thing they did. When the quads went to the backyard, the Kramdens went with them too. They said hi to each other. The Kramdens copied them again. Then the Harper started fight them except for Squishy Paws and Fluffy Paws. When they went back home the Kramdens left. Squishy Paws told them that they can do a challenge whether who are the better quads. The Kramdens went to the quads backyard again and they told them about doing a challenge. They did 4 challenges. The first one was the baby food challenge. Nicky fed his siblings like they were babies but instead the baby food didn't taste good. Harry fed his siblings like they were babies and the baby food taste good. Which meant that the Kramdens got 1 point and the Harpers got none. The second challenge was the hot pepper challenge. Nicky gave his siblings hot peppers and the peppers were so hot that they started gulping water. Harry gave his siblings hot peppers and the peppers that they are was mild. The Kramdens now had 2 points and the Harpers had none. The third challenge was the spoon challenge. The Harpers had spoons on their nose but it fell. The Kramdens had spoons on their nose but it stayed on. The Kramdens had 3 points and the Harpers still had none. The fourth challenge was the potato sack race challenge. When the Harpers were almost at the finish line the Kramdens couldn't because they were tired and then finally the Harper's won. And then since the Kramdens were cheating they lost all of their points and the Harpers had all 4 points. When the quads went back home They told there parents that it's good to be back as the Harper's again.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Butch Klein as Honest Abe



  • This is one of the highest rated episodes of the show, getting 1.84 million viewers and topping Nickelodeon ratings for the night.
  • It's unaware how Squishy Paws contaminated the DNA samples.
  • The Kramden quads were played by two sets of identical twins.


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