Ow! Owww! My D-D-DJ hands!
— Dylan

One Quadzy Summer is the sixteenth episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on June 3, 2017, to an audience of 1.45 million viewers.


When Dawn and Mae get amazing summer jobs at the Bouderly Hills Country Club, the boys get jealous and they try to ruin their summer vacation.[1]


Nicky, Ricky and Dicky are sitting on the table in the kitchen, hungry but too lazy to grab food from the fridge. If only they had the grabber, they could grab the food from the fridge without having to stand up. So, Dicky gets up to grab the grabber (which is farther from them than the refrigerator). The grabber turns out to be too short.

Dawn and Mae walk into the room and make fun of the boys for being too lazy. Dawn tells her brothers that she and Mae have got a summer job at the Boulderly Hills Country Club Kids Only Beach Club (B.H.C.C K.O.B.C) in order to make some money. She calls herself a "go-getter" and calls her lazy brothers, "no-getters."

At the country club, Dawn and Mae's manager, Tori assigns them duties. Mae is the hostess while Dawn is the waitress. She's happy to be away from her brothers - until they show up! It turns out since Trey is a member of the club, the brothers convinced Trey and his parents to bring them over. The boys start ordering food. They order one of everything and make their orders too complex for Dawn to follow. She realizes that they're trying to mess with her. Ricky defends their actions claiming that this is how this no-getter go-getter relationship works.

Jessica Belkin as "Madison" in "One Quadzy Summer"

It gets worse when Dawn realizes that Madison is the head of entertainment. Madison comes over to make fun of Dawn and Mae for working there and for not being members of B.H.C.C.K.O.B.C.

Tom and Anne come to check on Dawn on her first day of work. On their way out, they notice an open cabana and they get inside to check it out. Tori mistakes them for the Mermens (mermaids) who had called earlier to cancel. Anne and Tom go along with it and take it as their perfect opportunity to enjoy a free ride.

Just when Dawn thinks she's got it all figured out, Nicky accidentally spills sunscreen on the floor, making it slippery. Dawn steps on it and falls down while carrying a tray of shrimp. Tori is not happy about the incidence. So, when Madison's assistant quits, Tori "punishes" Dawn by making her the new assistant. Dawn's brothers laugh at her for having to work for Madison. Madison makes Dawn's life miserable as they work together to set up for the party that night. They ask Dawn for opinions and when Dawn gives her her opinion, she does the opposite, which hurts Dawn. She even sends Mae to walk past the cabanas to give Dawn the costumes for the Mermens to perform and makes sure that Dawn is the only one who has to do it. Dawn takes the costumes and is shocked to find her parents pretending to be The Mermens. She tells them that the show starts in fifteen minutes. Tom and Anne must know prepare for a Mermaids show.

Dawn's bad day turns upside down when she gets noticed by Dylan, the boy performing at the club. Dylan dedicates the song to the beautiful blonde and when Dawn asks him if he was referring to her, he indirectly confirms it by flirting. Before the show, he tells Dawn that when he performs a song for the beautiful blonde, she knows who he's talking about.

Nicky, Ricky and Dicky are about to leave when Trey comes over with the bill and asks them to pay. They had assumed that the food was free but since they ordered one of everything, they must now pay $326.00. Since they don't have the money, Tori forces them to work to repay the money.

While the boys are working, they notice Dylan and Madison flirting. They alert Dawn who listens to the conversation and realizes that Dylan is telling Madison the same thing he had told her. They conclude that Dylan is playing both Dawn and Madison. Dawn's brothers are feel bad for Dawn because some jerk is ruining her summer. They claim that they're the only jerks allowed to ruin Dawn's life.

Dawn says even though she hates Madison, Madison deserves to know the truth. She deserves to have a great summer. She walks up to Madison and tells her about Dylan. So, the two enemies agree to work together to set up a trap for Dylan to catch him. Mae and Dawn's brothers help Dawn and Madison get revenge on Dylan by throwing him on lobsters which start biting his butt right away.

Madison thanks Dawn for telling her about Dylan b-u-u-u-t, they agree that they are still not friends.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Theodore John Barnes as Miles

Guest Cast


  • It was first shown that Madison is a member of the Boulderly Hills Country Club in "Quaddy-Shack."


  • Audrey Whitby from The Thundermans guest starred.
    • Noah Urrea also guest stars on The Thundermans.
  • Dawn tells Madison about Dylan saying they're both the "special someone", and they surprise him, and push him into a lobster aquarium.
  • Dawn should've known that Madison was going to be there since she stated it in Season 2.
  • This is the thirteenth hiatus.
  • The boys’ having to work since they can not pay the bill for their food may be a reference to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, Pat No Pay.
    • Although there is only a slight possibility, the boys’ eating too much while thinking the food was free may be a reference to the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.


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