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Piggy, Piggy, Piggy & Dawn (also known as Dawn and the three Pigs) is the sixteenth episode in the series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It aired on February 28, 2015 to an audience of 2.09 million viewers.



The kids have a long history of losing to their arch-nemesis, Paul Tibbit, & coming in second place at a puppet show. When Dawn starts spending more time with Mack so that she doesn't have to participate, her brothers are worried that it will cost them the show. Meanwhile, Anne announces a new puppet theater box addition.

Full Plot

Every year, The Harper Quads usually do a pig puppet show during school talent night. But this year, Dawn doesn't want to do it anymore because it's childish and they're not little kids anymore. She asks the boys to do something else but they all vote against her ideas.

Left with no choice, Dawn quits the quad's puppet show and asks her friend, Mack to do a talent show together. The boys become furious that Dawn left them for Mack. They start threatening Mack to drop out but Dawn overpowers them. Mack turns out to be so talented in puppetry that he and Dawn are pretty much guaranteed to win.

During the talent show, Dawn and her brothers start fighting by talking as the puppets. In the process of the chaos, the set collapses, exposing the quads. Anne and Tom confront the kids for fighting and urge them to learn to listen to one another.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Lincoln Melcher as Mack
  • Ian Reed Kesler as Mr. Williams
  • Maitlyn Pezzo as Indra
  • Aiden Alizadeh as Kyle
  • Cody Veith as Oscar


  • Dawn acts very similar to Nicky in The Quadfather, when Tom asks her what does she think about the regular puppet theater.
  • Mack is revealed to be an excellent puppeteer. He is somehow able to perform multiple voices at the same time when performing his puppet skit.
  • The boys also try to keep Mack away from Dawn in Ye Olde Hand Holde.