Quad-ventures in Babysitting is the seventeenth episode in the series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on March 7, 2015 to an audience of 1.60 million viewers.

==Plot== The quads babysit their 7 month old baby cousin, Joan.


The Quads were watching T.V. and the doorbell rang. Tom and Anne went to the door and Anne open the door. It was the quads Uncle, Aunt and baby cousin. There name were Uncle Jack Aunt Claire and their 15 month old baby cousin Joan. Their Uncle and Aunt asked the Harper's if they can babysit Joan because they were going out for dinner. The Quads said that they're really good with babies. Their Aunt and Uncle gave the quads their cousin's diaper bag and left which made Joan cry. The Quads try to make her happy by giving her a rattle. Joan stopped crying and liked her rattle and started chewing on it. Then the quads were wondering why she was chewing on her rattle. Nicky thought she was eating it, Ricky thought she was teething. Dicky thought she didn't like her rattle. Dawn told her brothers that she was hungry. So they fixed Joan's baby formula. The quads kept on trying to put the bottle in Joan's mouth but they finally got it in there. After that they picked her up and patted her back and burped her. Then after they fed her they decided to play with her. They entertained her with her baby toys. After they played with her they smelled something and then they found out that it was Joan's diaper. Nicky said that he don't do poopy diapers, Ricky said that he doesn't feel like it changing her, Dicky said that he doesn't like to change diapers so Dawn changed Joan's diaper. Then after that Joan did a little yawn. And the quads rocked her to sleep. And then the Quads started sleeping with her. After that Uncle Jack and Aunt Claire came back and rung the doorbell. Tom and Anne came and Anne open the door. The quads parent gave back Joan to the quads Uncle and Aunt while they were sleeping. And at the end Tom and Anne told the quads Uncle and Aunt that the quads might not be babies but they still sleep like one.


Recurring Cast

  • Cody Veith as Oscar
  • Garren Stitt as Connor

Guest Cast

  • Chiara Aurelia as Denise
  • Lauri Johnson as Tanya


  • Dawn joined the soccer team in I Got Your Back but the soccer girls but struggled to fit in with the soccer girls.
  • Dawn yodels when she gets nervous while trying to impress the soccer girls. This is later explored and explained in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & BeyDawncé when she's trying to audition to join the glee glub.


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