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Quad With a Blog is the first episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on January 7, 2017 to 1.58 million viewers.[1]



The quads try to save Get Sporty's Cafe after a food blogger's rave review of a neighboring cafe puts theirs in jeopardy.[2]

Full Plot

Tom and Anne are worried about the Get Sporty Cafe because it's been losing customers lately. Even their own kids and their friends have been secretly lining up to buy from the competition. The Harper Quads promise to help by conducting a "research" to see why their friends are no longer coming to the cafe.

The quads interview Mae, Natlee, Brianna and Trey. At first the the friends don't want to tell them why but Mae eventually tells them that it's because Tom and Anne are always watching them. So, the quads conclude that in order to save the cafe, they will make it a no-parents allowed zone. So, the quads start running the cafe. Unfortunately, they realize that their friends are still buying from the competition. The quads discover that everyone is going to the competition because they got a high review by the Gourmet Guy for their burgerrito - a combo of a burger and burrito.

To match up to the competition, the quads decide to make their own dish combo and invite the Gourmet Guy to review it. Nicky tells them that the Gourmet Guy might not respond to them but Dawn says they will email him until he agrees. Unfortunately, the quads cannot agree on what dish to cook. So, everyone makes their own dish. They can't agree on which one of their foods to give to the Gourmet Guy for review. So, they decide to make it a huge combo of all of their four dishes. When a man they don't know arrives at their cafe, the quads conclude that he's the Gourmet Guy. So, they serve him their food combo. He says "oh my" three times, implying that he likes it. The quads are excited for a very good review.

Unfortunately, he gives them a "meh!" The quads are confused why he would give them a bad review when he clearly liked the food. Dawn, Dicky and Ricky start wondering if the person they served was really the Gourmet Guy. But he's the only person they served the food. So, he has to be the one. While they're still trying to figure things out, they hear Nicky say, "meh!" This makes the other quads suspicious of Nicky. They confront Nicky, forcing him to admit that he is secretly the Gourmet Guy. They ask Nicky why he would give their food a bad review which could cause their parents cafe to get closed. Nicky tells them that he has to be honest. And the food lacked focus.

So, they agree to serve Nicky with his own dish, the kabob-gobbler for another review. Before posting the review, the quads realize that Nicky is planning to give it a bad review too. He tells them that it's lacking something and he has to be honest. They ask him not to post it then but he refuses, claiming that he has a deadline. They ask him to call the editor and excuse his late review. But Nicky tells them that he is also his own editor and he's not going to let it go.

Dawn, Ricky and Dicky turn against Nicky. They take away his laptop. They tell him that he can't win because he is one person against three. But Nicky tells them that it's actually five against three. He is three people - Regular Nicky, Chef Nicky, Gourmet Guy, Editor Nicky... and also Kicky. At that point, he quickly kicks them in the shins and grabs his laptop.

As Nicky tries to post his review, Dawn decides to take action into her own hands. She grabs food and tells Nicky to get away from the laptop. She starts throwing food at him, leading to a food fight. Their friends join in on the food fight, resulting in a huge mess. Anne and Tom come over and try to stop the food fight.

While the quads were running the cafe, Tom and Anne had been fighting about old suggestions that Anne used to put in the suggestion box complaining about Tom's fashion among other things. As payback, Tom had started wearing an old wig that Anne really hated. So, Anne had hidden the wig in the oven.

Tom turns on the oven without checking what's inside. The oven blows up, causing a fire that burns down the cafe.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Dio Johnson as Fireman Hanson


  • After the Get Sporty Cafe burns in this episode, the Harper's work on designing a new cafe in the episode, The Great Mullet Caper.


  • A new theme song was introduced in this episode.
  • Kyla Drew Simmons (Mae) joins the main cast in this episode; after being a recurring character in the previous two seasons.
  • The episode name is a pun on the Disney show, Dog With a Blog.
  • This is the last appearance of the Get Sporty Café, because it burned down.
  • This is the Season 3 premiere.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2017.
  • Dicky is taller and his voice has gotten deeper due to the portrayer, Mace Coronel, going through puberty. He also gets a haircut.
  • Dicky is the first to go through puberty. The second was Dawn in Tween Wolf.
  • Nicky has also gotten taller and his voice is starting to change, due to Aidan Gallagher entering puberty.
  • This is the fourth time Nicky focuses on cooking. The first was in The Quadfather, the second was in Diary of an Angry Quad and the third was in The Tell-Tale Art.
  • This episode was originally supposed to be about Dicky's new haircut.