Vegetables can be a meal. Food isn't a one-size-fits-all. Some people like hamburgers. Some people like veggie burgers.

Quadentity Crisis is the eighth episode in Season 4 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and the seventy-sixth overall. It first aired on June 9, 2018 to 0.79 million viewers.[1]


When the kids each try to be someone they are not, they all learn a valuable lesson about being true to themselves.[2]

Main Plot

Nicky wants to participate in the upcoming Colorado Kids Cook Off where the winner gets to work with Chef Andre in his Bistro Andre Restaurant and Nightclub. Dawn says that she would love to sing at Chef Andre's Nightclub because that's where many singers get discovered.

To convince Mr. Wigglesworth to choose him to participate, Nicky makes him some wings. Nicky is surprised when Mr. Wigglesworth likes his wings because he's usually his toughest critic. It turns out that Nicky gave the wings to Chef Andre - Mr. Wigglesworth's identical twin brother. Chef Andre wants Nicky to participate in the cook off but withdraws the offer since Nicky doesn't have a sous chef. Dawn - hoping for an opportunity to sing at the restaurant - immediately signs up as Nicky's sous chef.

During the first cook off round, Dawn doesn't do much because she can't even figure out how to crack an egg. After realizing that Mr. Wigglesworth is biased against Nicky, Dawn convinces him to taste the foods blindfolded. Nicky and Dawn win and advance to finals. Since they will have to cook a full-course meal within a limited time during the finals, this puts pressure on Nicky to train Dawn more. He spends the night trying to teach Dawn to do basic cooking tasks. It doesn't go well. So, he assigns her to just smash the meat.

After being assigned the chicken they will be cooking, Nicky names him "Chicken Nicky." Later that night, he dreams that Chicken Nicky has come to life. He and the chicken have fun together, only to say goodbyes, as the chicken reminds Nicky that it would get eaten the following day. Nicky wakes up and becomes paranoid about cooking the chicken. During the finals, he starts hallucinating that the chicken is talking to him. He freaks out and hides under the table. Dawn is forced to try her best to complete the cook off. She starts cutting vegetables carelessly. As the veggies fall under the table, Nicky gets an idea to cook a vegetarian meal instead. That way, he doesn't have to cook the chicken.

Chef Andre loves Nicky's vegetarian meal, saying that it is the best vegetarian dish he's ever had. However, he refuses to give Nicky and Dawn the cook off trophy simply because the meal doesn't have meat in it. Mr. Wigglesworth praises Nicky's dish as well. He reveals that he knows Nicky is the best student; and he's only tough on him because he wants him to keep trying even harder.

Realizing that she's lost her chance to sing at Chef Andre's Nightclub through the cook off, Dawn starts singing so that Chef Andre can hear her voice and talent. It doesn't work out.

Sub Plot

Since Nicky is teaching Dawn how to be a sous Chef, Ricky and Dicky are left with nothing to do. Dicky mentions that he's wearing Ricky's underwear and starts giving Ricky the two right shoes he's wearing to get even. Anne sees them and assumes that they're trying to walk in each others' shoes. She suggests that they should try to learn how to be like the other person. So, Ricky gives Dicky his poetry book and Dicky gives Ricky his skateboard.

While holding each other's items, Ricky and Dicky are approached by two cute twin sisters - Abby and Norah. When Abby tells Ricky that she loves skateboarding, Ricky tries to impress her by pretending that he is a skateboarding pro. Likewise, when Norah mentions that she loves poetry, Dicky lies about being great at poetry. Abby wants to talk about skateboarding with Ricky; and Norah wants to talk poetry with Dicky. Since the boys don't know anything about the subjects, they lie to the girls that they have to leave for poetry and skateboarding practices. Later that night, Ricky writes poetry terms on Dicky's palms to help him cheat through a poetry conversation with Norah. Dicky teaches Ricky how to hold a skateboard like a pro in order to impress Abby.

The next day, Ricky and Dicky meet up with the cute twins. It works out well at first but then Abby asks Ricky to skateboard while Norah asks Dicky to recite a poem. The boys run out claiming they have another practice. Since learning skateboarding and poetry isn't easy, Dicky and Ricky agree to make up excuses the following day so that they don't have to skateboard.

Unfortunately, when the cute twins arrive, Ricky and Dicky become too nervous to remember their plans. Needless to say, it ends miserably. Abby and Norah leave after realizing that the boys were pretending to be people they're not.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Paul Vogt as Mr. Wigglesworth
  • Peter Allen Vogt as Chef Andre
  • Bianca D'Ambrosio as Norah
  • Chiara D'Ambrosio as Abby
  • Jason Beaubien as Chicken Nicky
  • Angel Barilla Garcia as Flavio

Special Guest Cast

  • Taylor Kimberly as Kelsey

Absent Cast



  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on June 10, 2018, but was then changed to June 9, 2018.
  • This marked the first episode in Season 4 in which Mae and Miles did not appear, and was the first episode since YOCO in which a main character was absent, with Mae not appearing in that episode either.
  • Aidan Gallagher, who portrays Nicky Harper cooked a vegetable meal, and is also a vegetarian in real life.
  • This marked the second episode where Mae is a main character but does not appear in the episode.
  • Mr. Wigglesworth is revealed to have a twin-brother known as Chef Andre; In real life, these two are real twin brothers.
  • It is revealed and shown that Dicky is not good at poetry.
  • Dicky telling Norah that he "knows all the best words" is a possible parody of President Donald Trump's frequent use of the same phrase.


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