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Sleeve sleeve, fold press, Mae's the one who folds the best!
Mae to herself

Quadsled is the fifth episode of Season 3 on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on February 4, 2017 to 1.58 million viewers.



The quads get on each other's nerves so much that they have trouble sleeping on the night before an important bobsled race. [1]


The Harper Quads are practicing for The Moose Mountain Under 13 Four-Man Bobsled Race which is coming up soon. Dawn is confident that they'll win this time because no one else signed up. But, Mae is not convinced that they'd win since they've lost the last three years even without anyone else signing up. Dawn blames her brothers for getting the quads disqualified the last three years but they concluding that it's Dawn's turn to mess it up.

Things turn for the worse when the Kramden Quads come in and announcing that they've signed up for the bobsled race as well. The Harpers are still mad at the Kramdens for stealing their Honest Abe's tire commercial in Odd Quad Out. Anne and Tom try to encourage the quads to remain calm and get enough rest before the race. However, feeling threatened by the Kramdens, Dawn puts pressure on her brothers that they must get up early for the race and defeat the Kramdens . Mae promises to help by offering to be the Fifth Quad in case any one of them can't make it.

Late that night, the quads are filled with anxiety and so nervous that they can't sleep. Mae comes for a sleepover with Dawn but they can't fall asleep. Dawn must stretch her legs for several minutes before sleeping and Mae feels uncomfortable sleeping with Dawn's clothes all over the place. Dawn throws her clothes into an overstuffed drawer, making Mae even more uncomfortable. Dawn goes back to stretching her foot. When done, she tries to sleep but realizes that Mae can't sleep without folding Dawn's clothes first. Mae starts folding and now Dawn has to go back to stretching her legs once again.

In the boys' room, Ricky makes it clear that they need to get good night sleep so that they can wake up early and beat the Kramdens. Nicky's anxiety makes it impossible for him to sleep without setting up his alarm clock, a backup clock and a backup backup clock. Every few minutes, he gets back to check all three clocks to make sure they're set. When Nicky takes a break from his clocks, Dicky starts asking pointless questions. This gets on Ricky's nerves as he keeps trying to get them to shut up.

Unable to withstand Nicky's noise with clocks, Ricky kicks him out of the room. Nicky takes his pillow to sleep in Dawn's room. Ricky is left struggling with Dicky's questions and fake snoring. Dawn is mad that Nicky just entered her room without knocking first. Then Nicky continues making noise with his clocks. He asks Dawn for an outlet to plug in his clock but finds Dawn a little difficult to convince. However, tired of the noise, Dawn shows him where to plug in the clock. She leaves her room and goes to the boys' room. There, she asks if they're asleep yet. Dicky starts snoring but a few seconds later he talks back saying that's how he would sound like if he were asleep.

When left in Dawn's room alone with Mae, Nicky confesses that he's nervous about the bobsled race. Mae quickly takes off her breakaway dress, revealing that she was already dressed to be the fifth quad. They agree that Nicky should pretend to be sick. Nicky leaves the room. Mae's desire to help quickly turns into a problem when Ricky comes in and asks her to stand in for him. He fakes a neck injury. Dicky comes over and asks Mae to stand in for her too and says he'll think of an excuse. Finally, Dawn asks Mae if she's got her back then falls down the staircase on purpose, with her leg around her neck.

Mae watches the quads pretending to be hurt and is disappointed. She confronts them all for trying to get out of the race. She was willing to be the fifth quad to help but can't do so if none of them is willing to be quads one through three. She refuses to help either of them.

The following day, the quads go to the bobsled race but they all fall asleep while sledding. Due to their heavy sleepy weight, they manage to beat the Kramdens, in their sleep, literally. Mae and the quads parents are there to cheer for them.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Andrew Newman as Clock


  • The Harper Quads are still bitter about the time that the Kramden Quads stole their tire commercial in Odd Quad Out.
  • This is the second time where Anne's love of sleep is seen. The first was remote control control where she got a new bed and she said that she couldn't wait to sleep in it.
  • This marks the first episode where Dicky jumps out of a window. The second episode is Quadbusters.
  • Dawn lifts her leg the way she did in "Ballet and the Beasts."
  • The recurring gag of Dawn slapping her brothers with an object is seen is this episode. 


  • Andrew Newman guest starred in this episode.
  • The Kramden quadruplets return in this episode. They were first seen in Odd Quad Out.
  • When Ricky said he was 9 years old 3 years ago, that was his age when the show premiered.
  • Anne was the only person in the Quad house to get a good night sleep. Tom and the others stayed up all night.
  • The recurring gag of Dawn slapping the three boys with something is seen in this episode.


Dawn:Nothing is gonna stop us from winning.
Mae:How can you be so sure?
Dawn:Because no one else signed up.
Mae: It didn't stop you from losing the last 3 years!
— Dawn and Mae
Mae:Sleeve sleeve, fold press..
Dawn:Dawn ain't gonna get no rest...
— Dawn and Mae



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