Rose Durkin is a guest character in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. She is the arrogant theatre star of Boulder in "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn," who has a strong dislike for Dawn Harper (possibly out of jealousy, or for an unknown reason.


Rose Durkin is generally portrayed as an arrogant, cunning, vain teenager who acts extremely well. Her major acting ability is proven when Mae comments that she "gets the lead in every play". She is also a trickster, when tricking the boys into buying lollipops in order to obtain Erika's silver Dorothy shoes. Rose is also very expectant and demanding, often getting what she wants.

Character History

Upon hearing Dawn say that she will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Rose smugly comments "Not if I have anything to do with it", before walking towards the Quads. She then signs up for Dorothy and, imitating Dawn previously, drops the pen before saying "Boom!"

Afterwards, at the theatre, when Dawn pleads that she needs sparkly, silver shoes to "be Dorothy" and enlists the boys' help, Rose deviously says to herself "Not if Rose Durkin gets them first", before turning around and heading to the costume shop (which houses Erika's silver shoes.)

When the boys realize the shop is closed briefly for lunch, they decide to wait until it opens up again. However, Rose tempts them with a large lollipop that she got from the store "For Suckers Only'. She succeeds in luring away the boys from the shop. Upon realizing that Rose already has the shoes because she distracted them with the lollipops. She bids them a mean goodbye, calling them "suckers."

After getting the part of Dorothy (due to Dawn not memorizing her lines and having homemade, knock-off silver shoes), Rose corrects Dawn's line with malice saying, "Toto, it's time to run....HOME"(hinting to Dawn that instead of saying "home", she said "ham" at the auditions). After mocking Rose, Dawn accidentally lets go of a stage rope holding up a cardboard house, which falls on Rose.

Later, in Oz, Rose goes head-to-head in a race across Oz (resembling Boulder), they both meet the Wizard. It is finally decided that Dawn is the true Dorothy, after sacrificing herself and her identity as Dorothy to save the boys from the Wicked Witch of the West. Dawn then wakes up from her dream after being knocked unconscious from a cardboard tornado hitting her on the side of her head.

After Rose is helped up from the cardboard house, she ungratefully and rudely says "Duh. Because, I'M Dorothy". One of the heels on her shoes falls off, nearly tripping her, before commenting "It's alright. I'm okay!" She briefly almost gets off platform, before falling off the stage and breaking her ankle in the process. This then leads to Rose being unable to play as Dorothy in the play and Dawn getting the part.


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