Sadie is a recurring character on Nickelodeon series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. She is a student at Boulder Academy and is involved in many school activities and clubs including drama club. She is best friends with Kipper. Sadie is portrayed by Ariana Molkara.


Sadie is a very high spirited student involved with a lot of school activities. She is great at solving mysteries. Nicky suspected that she and Kipper are obviously love each other but both lack the courage to admit it. Sadie can be competitive .


Season 4

Dude, Where's My School?

Sadie is introduced in Dude, Where's My School?. Sadie and her best friend Kipper welcome students from the sunken Rothschild Prep to Boulder Academy. Among them, are Mae, Miles, Dooley and Avery who quickly become their friends.

During a special assembly, Sadie is in charging of making announcements and leading a moment of silence to respect their dead mascot, a wolverine named "Big Boy."

Sadie learns from the quads's friends that the Harper Quads are acting suspicious after their school, Rothschild Prep is destroyed. So, she comes up with a plan to trick the Harper Quads into admitting guilty. She makes up a fake club called "Mystery Solvers Club" where she is the president, with Kipper as her vice president and the quads' friends as members. She invites the quads to the club and assigns them their first mystery: the case of the missing school.

After becoming clear, that the quads can't solve the mystery and are covering up something, Sadie claims that the quads are covering for their friends. She "accuses" Mae, Miles, Avery and Dooley for sinking the school and pretending to be their friends. This makes the Harper quads feel guilty, forcing them to confess that they sank the school. After that Sadie and Kipper reveal that it was all acting. They just wanted the quads to confess. In fact, there is no Mystery Solvers Club. They're in drama.

Episode Appearances


  • She possibly has a crush on Kipper.
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