The school carnival is a carnival that happens every year.


Quadshank Redemption

During school, Principal Tarian drops carnival tickets on the floor while taking boxes into his office. Dicky picks up carnival tickets and decides that he should use them. Dawn tells him not to but she gets into the idea when talking about the Slippery Slide To Nowhere. Nicky caves i with the idea and Ricky caves in too. They the argue on who should have them but Principal Tarian finds them argue and puts them in detention. They meet Texting Tina, Johnny Meatballs, and The Bulldoser. During the time Dicky makes a deal with The Bulldoser and he takes him to the carnival. All of them go to the carnival to save Dicky, but it turns into a complete misunderstanding.


  • Though it happens every year, the quads have never mentioned the School Carnival.
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