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Template:SpeciesSquishy Paws Tiberius Harper is a main character the only pet of the Harper's and is a big part of their family. 



Squishy Paws is a dog that is a mix of Cairn Terrier and Shi-Tzu


In the Pilot episode, the quads find the dog in their dad's store, Tom's Get Sporty. The want to adopt him to prove to their parents that they are responsible and they can work together. They convince their mom and dad to let them adopt him, but there's one problem: They can't agree on a name. Nicky wants the name Gary, Ricky wants the name Chip, Dicky wants the name Tiny Elvis, and Dawn wants the name to be Squishy Paws. In the end of the episode The Sad Tail of Gary-Chip-Tiny-Elvis-Squishy-Paws, they reveal that the dog will decide the name. They placed five bowls down on the ground in front of him, with each name on it. The fifth name is Lord Timothy, which is what his previous owner had named him. he wandered for awhile, but then choose the name Squishy Paws. In another episode, it was mentioned by Tom Harper (the quads' father) that his middle name was Tiberius.


  • Squishy Paws won the Teddy Of Terror trophy after scaring the quads and their friends in the episode Tween Wolf.
  • In The Sad Tail of Chip Gary Tiny Elvis Squishy Paws it is revealed that Dawn used Squishy to help her match outfits.
  • The dog's real name is Carson.
  • In The Sad Tail of Chip Gary Tiny Elvis Squishy Paws Squishy caught the Boulder Bandit in the process of stealing money.
  • In the episode Poo Dunnit it is revealed that Tom taught Squishy how to use a toilet.
  • The episode Doggy Door Afternoon is one of the only episodes in the series that revolve around Squishy.
  • The episode Doggy Door Afternoon reveals that Squishy likes to eat nacho balls from the restaurant El Pepper Pot.
  • Squishy dug up YOCO in the episode YOCO.
  • Squishy flaps his ears when he has to pee.
  • Dicky has an outfit to dress Squishy as Elvis.
  • Similarly, Dawn has a sailor outfit for Squishy.
  • Squishy likes bubble baths with Tom.
  • Squishy has the last line of the series.

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