Nicky Ricky Dicky And Sicky is the twenty-first episode in Season 2 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. it permeried July 9, 2016.

With the school trip coming up, the gang plan to stay up all night to see the "big moment" but only dawn manages to stay up as all the boys fall asleep 5 minutes later.

The next morning the Quads are eating breakfast when's dawn sneezes and they realize she got a cold from staying up the night before. The boys refuse to help her so she places her quad card (a card that has the power to make there boys do anything for her) and they plan to help her.

Alert during the day Anne comes around for her final hugs when she feels Dawn is feeling hot so when Anne turned around Dawn gave the dog the ther'mom'iter and then put it back in her mouth to fake her well-being Then a tornado hits casing a massive crack in the ground and rim falls to his death while Anne tried to get the kids out a piece of roof falls on her killing her and Nicky and Dicly fall to their own deaths in one of the wholes. And down takes squishy outside and calles the police as the dcreen writes to be continued then a hand wipes it of and it turns out it was all a dream and Dawn os fine so they all go to on the trip.

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