Tess is a character on the show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. She appeared in the episode Get Sporty-er.


Her parents are Rod and Tiffany Dynamite, who were ice skating rivals to Tom and Anne.

Her parents started a sports shop exactly like Tom's, and tried to steal all of his customers.

Tess helped with this, as she pretended to be nice and befriended the boys. Dawn however was more suspicious of her and thought she was evil. She was proven right too, as Tess made a commercial using what the boys had said earlier when they thought she was helping them make a commercial for Tom's store.

Tess pretended that her dad took her phone away to make the commercial, but Dawn knew the truth.

When her parents were uncovered, she was revealed to be evil and said that they wouldn't get away with it.

She wasn't seen again after this.

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