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# [[Brian Stepanek]] as [[Tom Harper]]
# [[Brian Stepanek]] as [[Tom Harper]]
# [[Kyla Drew Simmons]] as [[Mae Valentine]]
# [[Kyla Drew Simmons]] as [[Mae Valentine]]
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[[Category:Season 3 Episodes]]
[[Category:Season 3]]
[[Category:Dicky Themed Episodes]]

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The Great Mullet Caper is the 2nd episode of Season 3.


When Dicky gets a haircut, he gets really scared, because things aren't really as they seem. Will Dicky revealed his secret fear or get away?

Main Cast

  1. Aidan Gallagher as Nicky Harper
  2. Casey Simpson as Ricky Harper
  3. Mace Coronel as Dicky Harper
  4. Lizzy Greene as Dawn Harper
  5. Allison Munn as Anne Harper
  6. Brian Stepanek as Tom Harper
  7. Kyla Drew Simmons as Mae Valentine
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