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== Main Cast ==
== Main Cast ==
# [[Aidan Gallagher]] as [[Nicky Harper]]
# [[Aidan Gallagher]] as Biggest Faggot On This Show
# [[Casey Simpson]] as [[Ricky Harper]]
# [[Casey Simpson]] as Donald Trump
# [[Mace Coronel]] as [[Dicky Harper]]
# [[Mace Coronel]] as [[Dicky Harper|Dicks]] out for Harambe
# [[Lizzy Greene]] as [[Dawn Harper]]
# [[Lizzy Greene]] as Ivanka Trump
# [[Allison Munn]] as [[Anne Harper]]
# [[Allison Munn]] as Slutty bitch
# [[Brian Stepanek]] as [[Tom Harper]]
# [[Brian Stepanek]] as [[Tom Harper|Tom Hanks]]
# [[Kyla Drew Simmons]] as [[Mae Valentine]]
# Donald Trump as Donald Trump

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The Great Mullet Caper is the 4th episode of Season 3. It will premiere on January 28th 2017.


The quads have a foursome with Donald Trump. Trump grabs Dawn by the pussy and cums on squishy paws. What faggot likes this dumb show anyway?

Main Cast

  1. Aidan Gallagher as Biggest Faggot On This Show
  2. Casey Simpson as Donald Trump
  3. Mace Coronel as Dicks out for Harambe
  4. Lizzy Greene as Ivanka Trump
  5. Allison Munn as Slutty bitch
  6. Brian Stepanek as Tom Hanks
  7. Donald Trump as Donald Trump




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