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|season = 3
|season = 3
|number = 4
|number = 4
|image =
|image =NRDD.The.Great.Mullet.Caper.jpg
|airdate =January 28, 2017
|airdate =January 28, 2017
|writer = Steven James Meyer & David L. Moses
|writer = Steven James Meyer & David L. Moses

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The Great Mullet Caper is the fourth episode of Season 3. It premiered on January 28, 2017.


The quads are judgmental about Tom and Anne's plans for the new café, but a wild adventure teaches them not to be so quick to judge.


Main Cast


  • This episode continues after the events of Quad With a Blog where the Get Sporty cafe burned down.
  • Tom and Anne have mentioned that they were ice dancers in multiple episodes including Get Sporty-er!.


  • This is the second episode that Aidan, Casey, Mace, and Lizzy portrayed other characters than Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn. The first being Wanted: The Sugar Beet Gang.
  • One of the mullet boys said "Let's build a wall to keep the ice skaters away, and they'll pay for it!". That is a reference to Donald Trump's new theory of building a wall.


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