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*[[Avery]] is revealed to not be a very good swimmer.
*[[Avery]] is revealed to not be a very good swimmer.
*[[Dicky]]'s hair is seen parted out a little more than episodes before.
*[[Dicky]]'s hair is seen parted out a little more than previous episodes earlier in the season.
*It was revealed [[Dooley]] had a zip-line.
*It was revealed [[Dooley]] had a zip-line.
*Mrs. Monet can be compared to [[Trish Harper]]..
*Mrs. Monet can be compared to [[Trish Harper]]..

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What can I say? I'm the Nick-gotiator.
Nicky to Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

The Harper Quad-Jobbers is the sixth episode in Season 4 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and the seventy-fourth overall. It first aired on February 17, 2018 to 0.93 million viewers.[1]



The quads try to earn money for a pool so that their house can be the place everyone wants to hang out at during the summer.[2]

Full PlotEdit

The Harpers are desperately waiting for deliveries. The quads are waiting for a swimming pool they ordered online while Anne and Tom are waiting for a do-it-yourself shelf set. After Karyn delivers both items, the quads are shocked to find that their pool is just a tiny pool. Dawn figures out that Ricky accidentally ordered a 12-feet pool instead of a 12-foot tool. That is, the pool can only fit twelve feet.

This is disappointing. The quads wanted the pool in preparation for summer so that they can convince their friends to spend more time at the Harpers house when summer comes. The quads had already promised their friends they would have a pool by the weekend. They ask their parents to buy them a bigger summer pool but Anne refuses. It's still too early for a summer pool. It's barely spring. So, the quads have to figure out a way to make money on their own.

The Harper quads agree to start a business where they would work for people around to earn some money. Dicky suggests calling it "The Harper Quad-Jobbers" and they all like it. They leave posters around the area, in addition to advertisements on FaceShack. However, getting a call seems almost impossible. They finally get their first call and Nicky picks it up. The caller asks if they are licensed contractors but they are not. He asks them about several other skills but they have none of that. The next caller asks them if they can run the dishwasher and other basic house chores. They can do all of that - but then the caller turns out to be their mom. She interrupts them and tells them to go do their chores.

The next day at Tom's Get Sporty, the quads feel even more pressured to get a pool when their friends - Mae, Miles, Avery, Dooley and Sadie come over to talk to them. Dawn tells them that they are still getting the pool before the weekend. After the conversation, the quads are left wondering where to get the pool from. Luckily, one of their neighbors, Mrs. Monet tells them that she is going out of town and would like someone to come over, perform some basic chores and watch over her cat and the house. Nicky negotiates the pay on behalf of the quads. The quads happily take the job.

At Mrs. Monet's house, the quads find a very vicious cat Claws who makes it very difficult for them - especially for Ricky. After completing their tasks, they are shocked to find that she only left $100 for them instead of the $400 they expected. Nicky tells them that he negotiated for $100 for all of them instead of a $100 for each of them. He didn't know the difference. The quads are disappointed. Now, they need another job to make the extra $300. Luckily, the contractor comes in to setup Monet's shelf but he turns out to be deadly allergic to cats. He agrees to let the quads take on his job for which he would have been paid $300. Dawn tells her brothers that they can set up the shelf. She saw their parents do it. How hard can it be? They quickly setup the shelf and head back home.

Back at home, the quads order their appropriately-sized pool online. After that, they notice that they forgot to put one of the shelf pieces. They agree that they probably don't need it, just before the shelf their parents made falls. The quads realize that leaving any piece of the shelf means they haven't done it right and it could fall. They run back to Mrs. Monet house to fix the shelf they made. Unfortunately, Mrs. Monet has returned home early and already placed precious expensive glass utensils on the shelf. The quads try to secretly fix the shelf and save the items before the shelf collapses but it's too late.

The quads are forced to cancel their pool order and give the money back to Mrs. Monet. Their parents then hire the Harper Quad-Jobbers to make shelves. They build the shelves, using all the pieces. Through that, they earn enough money to buy the pool.

The quads tell their friends what they went through in order to get the pool. The quads and their friends decide to go in and kick their parents out out of the pool so they can use it. But then it starts snowing. Maybe it was too early to get a summer pool.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Theodore Barnes as Miles
  • Hayden Crawford as Dooley
  • Isabella Revel as Avery
  • Ariana Molkara as Sadie
  • Katlie Molinaro as Karyn

Guest CastEdit

  • Jaime Moyer as Mrs. Monet
  • George Janko as Aaron


  • The quads started trying to get a pool in Leader of the Stack and they finally get it in this episode. However, Nickelodeon aired the episodes out of order.
  • This is the third episode where the quads get a job. The first is in Santa's Little Harpers and the second is in One Quadzy Summer.
  • The way Avery said wings was "wangs" which she also said in The Wonderful Wizard of Quads. Miles also repeated "wangs" which was again seen in The Wonderful Wizard of Quads, just with Nicky, Ricky and Dicky repeating her.
  • The quads' tendency to say "nah" at the same time to dismiss something that they should actually care about is also seen in multiple other episodes.
  • The running gag of Dawn smacking the other three quads with something is seen in this episode.


  • Avery is revealed to not be a very good swimmer.
  • Dicky's hair is seen parted out a little more than previous episodes earlier in the season.
  • It was revealed Dooley had a zip-line.
  • Mrs. Monet can be compared to Trish Harper..


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