The Quadfather is the eleventh episode of the series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on January 10, 2015 to an audience of 1.55 million viewers.


Dawn, Ricky and Dicky are chatting with Josie, at Get Sporty!, and are excited about their tenth birthday, but are not looking forward to their visit from "The Quadfather." They explain that The Quadfather is their dad dressed up as an Italian beaver, who grants all of them a wish on their birthday, in exchange for an Italian meal, which embarrasses them. However, Nicky thinks that The Quadfather is real, and the other quads try to tell him. Nicky disagrees, saying that he’s real, but finds out that it is their dad in disguise when he sneezes.

The next day, Nicky is greatly saddened by his discovery and decides he doesn't want to attend the birthday party. This gives the other quads the idea to each have their own separate birthday parties instead of one altogether. Ricky has an "extreme" party, Dawn has a beach themed one and Dicky has a dancing party, all in different parts of the store; However, this means that each of the quads can only get a third of the party guests. Eventually, the guests get bored and want The Quadfather to come. Dawn insists that he's their dad, but they respond that they know that, but think it's hilarious and super-fun.

In the end, The Quadfather comes to their party, and the quads have an excellent 10th birthday.


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  • The sky diving simulator (which Ricky used for his separate party) was mentioned in Pilot.
  • This is the first episode about a birthday. The second was Keeping Up With the Quadashians.


  • This episode was originally going to be aired after the pilot, but got moved further along in the season.
  • This episode takes the third hiatus.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the film "The Godfather"
  • In a YouTube video, Aidan Gallagher states this was his favorite episode to film.
  • This episode may be a reference to the movie, "The Stepfather".
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