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===Recurring Cast===
===Recurring Cast===
*Hayden Crawford as [[Dooley]]
*Hayden Crawford as [[Dooley]]
*Amahri Richard as [[Xander]]
===Guest Cast===
===Guest Cast===

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This Little Piggy Went to the Harpers is the 11th episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It premiered on April 22, 2017.


When The Quads kidnap a rival soccer team's pig mascot as a prank, they have to pass it off as Anne's surprise birthday present to avoid being caught forgetting her birthday.[1]

Full Plot

Dawn is excited about an upcoming soccer match with the Boulderly Hills War Pigs. She is mad because the last time they played against each other, Nelly and the War Pigs humiliated Dawn's Edgewood Buffalos' team by messing with their mascot, Mae. They had put Spaghetti in the mascots head. With help from Ricky and Dicky, Dawn and Mae agree to get back on the War Pigs by stealing their mascot. Tom stops by to remind the kids about Anne's upcoming birthday but they refuse to pay attention. After Tom leaves, the kids continue with their plan to kidnap War Pigs' mascot, who is a pig named Pigsley. Mae and the quads are successful in kidnapping the War Pig. The next phase is putting the pig in Edgewood cheerleader costumes and posting embarrassing photos on FaceShack. Dooley is in charge of getting them he tiny costumes. Ricky is proud of being a "bad boy" but when they hear a knock on the door, he's the first one to run and hide in the closet. They agree to keep the pig in the closet and plan to lie as much as they need.

On Anne's birthday, Tom finds the kids hiding in the closet and reminds them of their mom's birthday again. Through a series of lies, they convince Tom that they got a present for their mom. Hank's birthday for Anne is a cake that says "Happy Birthday for Tom." He tries to explain that the bakery messed up but he feels like his present was underwhelming. Meanwhile, Anne is ready to get her birthday present from Dawn and the boys - which they don't even have and are busy trying to hide Pigsley. Before they can explain, the pig gets out of the closet and Anne sees it. She assumes that the pig was the birthday present from the kids. She picks it up and shows how much she loves it. To cover up, their other lies, the kids agree that the pig was Anne's present.

Stuck in a web of lies, the kids must find a way to get Pigsley back without admitting that they forgot their mom's birthday or that they kidnapped a pig. They plan on getting another pig to replace Pigsley with. To complicate things, Nelly comes over and asks the quad if they've seen Pigsley. She begs them to look out for him because Pigsley is more than a mascot for her. She means a lot to her. The quads refuse to tell her the truth but instead focus on looking for a replacement pig so that they can give Nelly her Pigsley back. When Dicky texts Dooley to get them a pig, he ends up asking for a monkey because of typos and autocorrect.

When Anne overhears Nelly crying about Pigsley, Dawn distracts her so that she doesn't find out what happened. Things spiral out of control until Anne finally figures out what's happening. The kids confess their lies and give Nelly her pig back.

Nicky comes back from cooking camp just before the Harpers are ready to take their family photo for Anne's birthday. They tell him all the adventures he missed.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Eve Moon as Nelly
  • Nadia Benavides as Photographer


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  • Nicky is absent for most of the episode - he only shows up at the end. This is the first time that any of the quads are absent for most of the episode.
  • It is Anne's birthday in the episode.
  • When Tom's second birthday cake comes in, it says "DAN" instead of "Anne" and he complains that the Schneider's Bakery doesn't want him to succeed. Schneider's Bakery is the production company for Dan Schneider, who also runs other shows on Nickelodeon like Henry Danger and Game Shakers.
  • There's a Lie Count bar that appears in the episode everytime they lied. The Lie Count reached up to 22 lies. It got reset when they told all of the lies to Tom and Anne. But again, it reached up to 1 lie, as the monkey in the closed jumped out, and the kids said it was Anne's birthday gift.
  • While Anne was talking to Tom about a family portrait he forgot, a Lifetime Lie Count bar appeared, and it was on 4671 lies. And 4672 with the new lie included.
  • The kids kidnapped the War Pig's mascot (a pig). Which they hid in a closet. When Tom wanted to open the closet, he saw the pig.
  • The kids had to lie about the pig, saying it was a gift from them to Anne.


Dooley:He's calling himself "Bad Boy Ricky" now?
Ricky :(everybody else nodding) Ricky in third person: Yes he is.
Dooley:Dooley's gonna be honest with you. It's a tough sell.


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