• We're you ever an admin? It seems like you were before but got your rights taken because that is a lot of edits! Plus, a lot of your edits have a lot of character points. While I made a message to StarForce13 I saw a thread named "Admin" with your username there, just asking.

    If you were never an admin, I think you should due to your nice edits! 

    BTW, can you add pages to Theodore Barnes, Isabella Revel, Jessica Belkin, and Hayden Crawford? I don't know how to.

    Thank you so much!

    Sincerely, NickExpert

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    • No, I never was an admin. Thanks for the compliment on my edits! I asked him but he declined. I think I should be an admin too but hey, it isn't my choice! I added pages to literally ALL of those pages (except Jessica Belkin) but my pages were deleted.

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