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    I informed you to stop marking Britt as a main character unless he's credit so. You ignored that and went ahead and placed him back under main cast.

    If you repeat this, I'm going to block you until the end of the show.

    Please review the Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Wiki policies and be sure to follow them to avoid a block.
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    • Hello StarForce13,

      Britt was always counted as a main character and that is why I put him into this. By the way, I did not see this message and therefore apologize for the mistake. Although, I am thoroughly disappointed with the way you have approached me and I will be considering whether I am the best fit for this wiki.

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    • Ignorance is never really an excuse. Before you put a change back, you’re supposed to look at the page history and see who removed it and what notes they left.

      I don’t see what’s wrong with the approach I used. First I fixed your edit 3 times, leaving a comment that Britt is not a main character each of those times... hoping you would bother to know why the change was done. Then I gave you a reminder... and you ignored that too. That’s probably the softest approach you’re ever gonna get. In most cases, you would get block straight away if you keep reverting a correct edit like that.

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    • Wow, what a rude message. Ignorant? Where did you get that from? Sorry, if I am not looking at the page and following your “strict guidelines”. I see your approach as wrong, although, we all have different perspectives. I do not look at other edits, so do not expect me to, okay!? You gave me a reminder and beleive it or not I actually did not see it, I do not lie. This has obviously offended you, as you seem very uptight and angry. Softest approach, wow. I hope you get your manners sorted, otherwise you will get many users like me having to now leave the wiki just because of an ungrateful and angry admin.

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    • Ignorance means lack of knowledge. Saying that you didn't know about the message or that you didn't know that Britt wasn't a main character = ignorance. Look it up.

      And yes, there are rules. Not just this wiki. You can't just revert edits and keep putting back the same wrong thing without checking to see why it was removed. That's literally why Wiki has a box to fill in a comment of what you changed. Go try that on other well managed wiki and you will get blocked in no time.

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    • I think I know the definition of ignorance, I am not a pre-schooler. I do not need to look it up. I did not know and I am not going to prove it to a stubborn admin like you.

      I am not denying that these are the rules. You can tell me not to do that, but right now you’re the least of my concerns and therefore I am not in the right space of mind to be following your strict guidelines. I see what you mean, expect I am one of many people who do not look on their messages and boxes AND DOESN’T lie.

      If you want to carry on saying that other admins will block me then you can waste your time. Although, I know that isn’t going to happen and therefore you’re clearly wasting your time. I will not continue playing petty games with you. I hope you learn some manners.

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    • Starforce13 wrote: In most cases, you would get block straight away if you keep reverting a correct edit like that.

      Trust me Max that is very true, its happened to me by certain people. 

      btw i know this is from a long time and no im not stalking and sometimes you need to just accept that you did something wrong, Max that's why our beef always happens.

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    • Some admins are annoying but now looking back on it, this guy was right. I do realize you’re not stalking me and I do need to accept some things that I have done wrong - I do not believe in this I did, though.

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    • A FANDOM user
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