Hello Jaisen,

Firstly, please accept my apology for this length of time I’ve kept you waiting - I have been taking a break from FANDOM, recently. Please, please, please accept it.

It doesn’t matter about the birthday - lol, mistakes happen. April is actually my birthday month.

Thanks for the advice on the drama, Jaisen. I have managed to distant myself from it. I did get a lot of hate and I wasn’t the nicest, either.

I have decided to come back to FANDOM, I will come back tomorrow. I have three or four wikis to run and therefore I can leave them hanging in disarray. Luckily, I have two users keen to be admin on the Hunter Street Wiki and they’re very helpful.

Now, that Hunter Street is renewed, I do have to come back.

I really do hope you can accept my apology and enjoy editing. Looking forward to working with you, again.


Admin on the Wiki

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