Trey is a recurring character on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He is a student at Edgewood School and sometimes hangs out with the Harper Quads. Trey is portrayed by Spencer Tomich.


Trey is self-confident and speaks his mind without trying to please anyone. He often confronts the Harper Quads with the truth without trying to spare them.


In A Brief Case of Popularity, Trey is one of the leaders of the "cool kids" in school when the Harper Quads try to be popular. He and his friends including Derek Moses and Brianna make the staircase exclusive to the cool kids only.

In One Quadzy Summer, Trey agrees to take Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Miles to go to the Boulderly Hills Country Club Kids Only Beach Club. He fails to give them full details about how everything works. The Harper boys order everything from the menu assuming that Trey is going to pay and all they have to do is sign. At the end, Trey tells them they have to pay for themselves. Trey leaves the Harper boys struggling how to pay for the food and leaves.

In Quad for Teacher, leads the class against the Harper quads for always ruining things for the rest of the gym class. It is revealed that he keeps a long list in his locker of all the times the quads have let the class down.

Episode Appearances


  • Trey is a member of the Boulderly Hills Country Club Kids Only Beach Club.
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