Dicky's becoming a werewolf!
Ricky to Nicky

Tween Wolf is the tenth episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on April 15, 2017 to 1.37 million viewers.


The Quads' eavesdropping threatens to ruin their annual boys vs. girls scare night camp out because of a misunderstanding about going through the change.[1]


The Quads and their friends are preparing for the annual summer camp. The boys and girls will try to get each other to scream so they can win the Teddy of Terror trophy. They then eavesdrop on their parents talking about a monster on the loose at the camp ground. Tom and Anne warn the kids about eavesdropping because they always tend to get things wrong. Since they can't use the campsite, the kids ask Tom to use Get Sporty for camping.

At the Get Sporty camp, the boys and girls part into different tents. Dawn camps with Molly, Mae, Natlee, Lilly and June while the boys camp with Dooley, Mack and Miles. At the boys' tent, Dicky gets back from a bush with scratches and claims that the bush bit him. Meanwhile, in the girls' tent, Dawn tells the boys about how Dicky is starting to smell and how his voice is becoming deeper. Natlee starts explaining to them how her brother went through the same changes when his puberty started. Ricky and Nicky overhear the girls' conversation and try to eavesdrop. Dawn notices them and asks the girls to go inside the building. Nicky climbs up the building to hear through the window what the girls are talking about.

Natlee tells the girls the full story about her brother while Nicky eavesdrops and tells Ricky what they said. Unfortunately he gets pretty much everything wrong. Natlee says it started when her brother got zits, but Nicky hears it started when her brother "got bit." Ricky and Nicky agree that Dicky was bit by a monster in the bush. When Natlee explains how much her brother ate at her parents out of house and home, Nicky tells Ricky that the brother ate her parents outside their home. Natlee says her brother had become a monster figuratively, but Nicky hears that he had become a full monster on a full moon. After the story, Dawn concludes that Dicky is going through puberty. Nicky and Ricky conclude that Dicky was bit by a monster and is turning into a werewolf on a full moon.

Dawn is grossed by the idea of Dicky hitting puberty as well as the smell. Natlee gives her Silver Bullet deodorant/body spray to give to Dicky but she doesn't want to get anywhere near Dicky. When Nicky and Ricky notice the full moon rising, they capture Dicky and lock him in a room so that he doesn't turn into a werewolf. They quickly manage to convince him that he is in fact turning into a werewolf. After researching on the internet, Ricky and Nicky conclude that one way to stop a werewolf is by using Silver Bullet. When they meet with Dawn, she gives them the Silver Bullet deodorant for Dicky. They assume that Dawn knows Dicky is turning into a werewolf too.

After getting back to the girls' tent, Dawn realizes that she might be going through puberty too. To be sure, she asks Mae to check. Dawn lifts her pants and they find a lot of hair on her legs, confirming that her puberty has started as well. Mae starts shaving Dawn's leg hair but accidentally cuts her. Dawn screams and the boys come running in. Ashamed of telling the boys that she was shaving her legs, Dawn lies to them, saying she was bit. Nicky and Ricky conclude that she was bit by the same monster that bit Dicky and she will be turning into a werewolf too. They lock Dawn up in the same room as Dicky.

While locked up together, Dawn manages to convince Dicky that they're not turning into werewolves. They're just going through puberty. Dawn urges Dicky to use the deodorant but Dicky accidentally uses spray glue instead on both of them. They start looking for ways to escape. They follow a vent which leads into a dumpster where they collect a lot of garbage and dust because of the sticky spray glue.

Meanwhile, Ricky and Nicky try to convince Dooley, Mack and Miles that Dawn and Dicky are turning into werewolves. June, Mae, Molly, Lilly and Natlee overhear the conversation and accuse the boys of making it up as part of an elaborate plan to win against the girls. Then Dawn and Dicky enter covered in garbage, looking like monsters. Everyone gets scared off and runs away. Dawn follows them and explains what happened and convinces them that werewolves are not real. Natlee also explains that her brother didn't eat her parents. He just ate a lot at her parents.

Unfortunately, thanks to bad timing, Squishy Paws comes in all covered in garbage too. Everyone freaks out!


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  • The quads mention the time they thought their parents had turned into zombies in "Field of Brains"
  • In Quadbusters, the quads mention how Nicky and Ricky thought Dawn and Dicky were werewolves in this episode.


  • The episode title is a reference to the TV series "Teen Wolf".
  • It is shown that Dawn and Dicky are the first to go through puberty.
  • Squishy Paws won the Teddy of Terror.
  • Ricky said balloon animals aren't scary, if he had known the Mae had a fear of balloon animals, he could have won.
  • The title of the episode is misleading as Dicky doesn't actually turn into a werewolf.
  • Dicky wearing a drumming shirt could be a reference to the previous episode.


Nicky : Wait, do we really think finally winning the Teddy of Terror trophy is worth risking all of us being eaten?
Ricky: Well, he probably can't eat all of us.
Nicky : Yeah, I'll take those odds.


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