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Well, that was a bombshell.

Wrestle-Mae-nia is the second episode in Season 4 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and the seventieth overall. It first aired on January 13, 2018 to 1.15 million viewers.[1]


A misunderstanding almost causes the quads to break up Mae and Miles and disrupt the boys' plans to attend a wrestling match.[2]

Full Plot

Dawn has invited her friends, Mae, Sadie and Brooklyn for a girls' night at the Harper house. Unfortunately, there's a conflict because her brothers had also invited their friends Miles and Dooley for a dudes' night. Anne figures out that Tom had accidentally allowed both Dawn and the boys to have their friends over on the same night. Since the boys need the TV to play virtual reality wrestling before an actual wrestling match, Dawn agrees to move the girls' night to Mae's house.

Mae and Miles spent so much time talking to each other on the phone that Dawn and the boys force them to hang up. To prevent Mae from talking to Miles every now and then, Dawn takes Mae's phone and places it in her back pocket. The girls start making fun of the boys for playing the wrestling virtual reality game. Mae says Miles can't wrestle in real life because he is a "big ol' softie." Right after that, the girls realize that Dawn had accidentally butt-dialed Miles and the phone just sent the voicemail. Mae freaks out because she doesn't want Miles finding out that she called him a softie. Dawn assures her that she will take care of it by asking one of her brothers to delete the voicemail from Miles' phone before Miles sees it. Dawn calls but the boys are too busy playing to see or hear the phone ring.

With no other choice, Dawn sneaks back into the house to delete the voicemail herself. She grabs Miles' phone without the boys noticing. She hides in the closet to delete the message but can't figure out Miles' password. Dawn calls Mae from the closet to see if she knows Miles' password. Mae suggests it could be something like "ilovedebbie" because Miles loves Debbie - Mae's cat. Dawn tries it without success but then realizes that Miles probably uses fingerprints to unlock the phone. She gets out of the closet to make her next move but Nicky notices her. Before Nicky can say anything, Dawn shuts him up and pulls him into the closet. After a minute of confusion, she explains to Nicky what's going on. Nicky doesn't want to help because even though Dawn is his sister, it's not sisters' night; it's dudes' night and Dawn is not a dude. But Dawn convinces him by telling him that if Miles listens to the voicemail, he will become sad and it will ruin the dudes night. Nicky agrees and tricks Miles into unlocking the phone by making him think it was part of the VR game.

Dawn quickly deletes the voicemail and leaves the house. But not before Ricky and Dicky notice her. Before they can say anything to the other boys, Nicky pulls her brothers into the closet and tells them what was going on. On their way out of the closet, they overhear Miles telling Dooley that he doesn't like Mae's cat, Debbie. Unfortunately, the Harper brothers only hear part of the conversation and assume that Miles is saying he doesn't like Mae. They become concerned and decide to fix the issue. However, given their past track of fixing things, they agree to let Dawn fix it. They call Dawn and ask her to find a closet so they can tell her. They explain to Dawn that Miles doesn't like Mae and they ask her to handle it. After admitting that they only heard half of the conversation, Dawn asks them to get more details just to be sure.

The boys dig for more information by asking Miles why he doesn't like her (referring to Mae). Miles (referring to Debbie) tells them that she's boring and sometimes when he's talking to her, she just goes outside to stare at the birds. He admits that he doesn't really want to be around her anymore. They go back to their call with Dawn to give her an update. The phone connection starts breaking up. So, when one of them mentions "breaking up," the confusion causes both sides to conclude that Miles is breaking up with Mae. Dawn gets mad at Miles for it and tells Mae about it. Mae is upset that Miles wants to break up with her. So, she decides to break up with him first.

On their way to the wrestling match, the boys realize that Miles was talking about Mae's cat - Debbie. Not Mae. Now, they must reach out to Dawn before Mae gets to Miles. Unfortunately, they get mistaken for wrestlers and are pulled into the wrestling ring by big wrestlers - "The Dentist," "Purr-fect" and the "Big Bad Baby Boy". While in the middle of being beaten up by the wrestlers, the boys manage to tell Dawn and Mae that they were mistaken. Mae is disappointed that Miles doesn't like her cat. But she's not going to break up with him over that.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Winston James Francis as Big Bad Baby Boy
  • Shane Hartline as The Dentist
  • Lacey Von Erich as Ms. Purr-fect
  • April Audia as Announcer (voice)



  • The title is a spoof on the wrestling event WrestleMania. WrestleMania is a pay-per-view on WWE.
  • This was the second episode where Mae and Miles almost broke up.
  • Ricky's voice is shown to be a little deeper.
  • This episode marked the first appearance of Brooklyn.
  • Nicky is shown to have common voice cracks.
  • Ms. Purr-fect is played by professional wrestler Lacey Von Erich.
  • Trish Harper was mentioned.
  • It is revealed Miles doesn't like Mae's cat.
  • It is revealed that the boys learned they can't handle things since the events of multiple episodes of Season 3.
  • Mae used a quote that Dawn once said in To Be Invited or Not to Be.
  • Dooley dressed as a baby similar to how he dressed the quads as babies.
  • This is the first episode in Season 4 to not feature Boulder Academy.