Guys, stop! Nobody say "YOCO order more shampoo" because every time you say "YOCO order my shampoo," she orders more shampoo. And if we keep saying it, we're accidentally gonna make "YOCO order fifty shampoos."

YOCO is the twenty-second episode in Season 3 of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. It first aired on July 29, 2017 to an audience of 1.24 million viewers.[1]


The Harper's get a new gadget that runs their entire household, but the quads take things a little too far when they are left alone with it.[2]


The Harper Quads are home alone. Time to break the rules. Ricky is loudly playing wonder eggs on his tablet in the living room while Dicky is trying to watch TV. Dawn is treating herself with lots of dessert. And Nicky is taking a shower, using Anne's shampoo. They all start fighting each other for breaking the rules while the parents are away. When Anne and Tom return from an errand, the quads pretend to be getting along. The parents ask the quads to continue getting along because they will leave them home alone again while doing some work at Tom's Get Sporty.

To keep the quads occupied, Anne shows them a new device they just bought called YOCO. YOCO stands for Your Own Computerized Optimizer and it's a smart artificial intelligence device that responds to voice commands to perform common tasks. Both Tom and the Quads are surprised that Anne is willing to leave the kids home alone without supervision. On their way to the store, Anne reveals to Tom that she has set YOCO to record everything in the house so that they can monitor the kids.

The quads become suspicious that there might be a catch but they quickly dismiss it and continue breaking the rules. Ricky continues to play on his tablet despite being specifically warned not to. Dawn continues eating junk food, dismissing the warning. Nicky takes a shower in Anne's bathroom and uses up all the shampoo. He comes downstairs to ask YOCO to order more shampoo. The other quads start arguing against asking YOCO to order more shampoo. Every time they say the phrase "YOCO order more shampoo" in a sentence, YOCO orders more shampoo. Dicky figures out what's happening and he starts explaining how they might accidentally make YOCO order 50 shampoos. This makes YOCO order 50 shampoos.

While trying to ask YOCO to back up the order, YOCO reveals that she keeps a backup for everything. That means, she's been recording everything they've been doing. They ask YOCO to report activity within the last hour. She reads out Ricky's tablet usage, plays an audio of Dawn serving herself ice-cream and so on. The quads realize they will be in trouble if YOCO reports that to their parents. They ask YOCO if she has a reset and ask her to reset herself using the family password. After erasing everything YOCO had recorded, the quads create fake activity log by pretending to be nice to each other and only asking YOCO important questions. Later in the evening, YOCO gives a very impressive report to their parents. So, Tom and Anne agree to leave the kids home alone again.

The next day, the quads are happy to have figured out a way to trick YOCO. So, they plan to have as much fun as they can, then reset YOCO and do fake activities for the activity log report. The first rule they want to break is by playing inside. But, they don't want to break any fragile items. Their solution is to pile up all the fragile items in the house by the window and place a "caution" tape to remind themselves not to cross the tape. Needless to say, the pile of fragile items falls and everything breaks even before the quads start playing. Now, they must reset YOCO before she reports that they broke items in the house. There's only one problem: Anne changed YOCO's password and they can't figure it out.

Unable to rest YOCO, the quads decide to get rid of her by destroying her. Unfortunately, YOCO figures out they're trying to get rid of her. She starts running on the floor. Dawn captures her and puts her in the dishwasher. She tries to turn on the dishwasher but the sassy YOCO keeps turning it off. Out of options, the quads decide to bury YOCO in the backyard. They dig a hole and throw her in for being a snitch.

To fool parents into thinking that YOCO is still there, Dawn comes up with a plan to pretend to be YOCO. She hides in the closet and talks through a phone, making it sound as if it's YOCO responding. Unfortunately, her voice isn't convincing enough to Tom and Anne and she gets busted. While the parents are wondering where YOCO is, Squishy Paws enters the house carrying YOCO, who then reports that she was buried by the quads for being a snitch. She also reports all the damage done by the quads.

As Anne and Tom get furious at the quads for breaking rules and trying to destroy YOCO, the quads prove that YOCO is bad by making her snitch on the parents as well. So, the family agrees to get rid of YOCO. But they have to catch her first!


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Katie Molinaro as Karyn

Voice Cast

  • Kari Walgreen as YOCO
  • Romi Dames as The Opener


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  • Dawn chewing loudly was first seen in Quaddy-Shack.
  • Ricky has been shown to be good at knitting in multiple episodes including The Secret.


  • This was the only Season 3 episode to have a main character absent, and not to feature Mae in it.
    • In fact, it's the only episode in the season to not have any recurring characters. However, in It's a Hard Knocks Life she becomes a recurring character.
  • YOCO is a parody of Echo.
  • YOCO stands for "Your Own Computerized Optimizer
  • The previous Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande was mentioned.
  • Dicky got a haircut.
  • The way the quads ask YOCO to order shampoo is similar to Alexa of which YOCO is based off of and Dawn saying not to use it in a sentence or it will accidentally order 50 shampoos is similar to an incident in which an Amazon Alexa accidentally ordered a dollhouse due to a misunderstanding.
  • Ricky's egg opening videos are a parody of Chu Chu TV.
  • This was the final episode filmed in Season 3.


Anne : Something's not right.
Tom : Yeah, YOCO sounds an awful lot like Ariana Grande.
Tom and Anne


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